Wednesday, August 12, 2009

style icons: cartoon couture

"she looks like the sunday comics." blondie said that in their song 'rip her to shreds,' and although it isn't meant as a compliment in the song, i rather like the idea on its own. after all, the sunday comics are the only ones in color, and who wants to be grey-clad seven days a week!? so i've created some polyvore sets in tribute to some of my favourite cartoon style icons. see if you can identify them, and check your answers at the bottom!

Ghostworld's Enid Coleslaw

Scooby Doo's Velma Dinkley

Superjail's Mistress of Ultraprison

Minnie Mouse

answers: 1 ghost world's enid coleslaw, 2 scooby doo's velma dinkley, 3 superjail's mistress of ultraprison, 4 minnie mouse


paintergirl said...

I got one and two correct. i guessed penelope pitstop for number three (which is dumb of me seeing as she likes to wear PINK) ... and Minny Mouse for number 4 - nach!

Pilgrim Lee said...

paintergirl - oh penelope pitstop! i forgot about her! when i was making these i got a bit of a mental blank on other female characters. well done 3/4 = gold star!

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