Thursday, August 27, 2009

link party: one month blogiversary!

draw! pilgrim

i did it! i made it a whole month of being a bloggerella, five days a week. its been a steep learning curve, but thank you, for visiting and for commenting and all being very lovely people.

before we look back, why don't you head over to the vine for a visit to my studio and some very nice words about me!

so what might you have missed in this whirlwind of a month?

i showed you some favorite things from around my home in 'things i already covet'

i learned to stop worrying and love yellow!

there was plenty of vintage graphis magazine goodness.

i made a cute moss terrarium!

do you remember seeing the cute picture books 'little oleg' and 'wings on wednesday'?

i showed you my mellow yellow bedroom!

... and we looked at some posters i made...

and just the other day, we giggled at some retro knit fashions. (its a bit off topic, but check out these vintage hostesses! so cute!)

coming in the next month on draw! pilgrim: a spectacular birthday party, some new handmade crafty creations and something extra special i hope you're really going to like!

so, stick around my lovelies, because the fun has only just begun!

what have you enjoyed seeing on draw! pilgrim? any requests for the coming month?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first month! Your blog is lovely :)

Pilgrim Lee said...

thank you alli :)

Anonymous said...

Well you are a big girl now!! like I have been sucked into the blog vortex... May the force be with you!

Cloudbusting said...

I really enjoy looking at your blog, its so lovely!! Well done on your one month blogiversary :)

Pilgrim Lee said...

shelley - haha nooo! not the vortex! thanks :)

cloudbusting - thank you and thanks for visiting! :)

pepper said...

yay for one month! Love your blog :) may there be many many many many many many more months to come. Many.
x Pepper

Pilgrim Lee said...

thank you very much pepper! :D

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