Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pilgrim's palette: yellow

it might be an odd thing to say, but i worship color. do you feel like this too? it has such a profound effect on me, when i'm dressing or when i'm working, sometimes i feel a bit like an alchemist. its powerful stuff, this! take some teal, add a dash of rose and a pinch of black - not too much! and voila! the magical combination of colors equal something new and greater than the parts. its power can turn your mood around or evoke memories.

i love that, perhaps more in childhood, our favorite colors help to define us. though i go through phases of staunch loyalty to a certain shade, ultimately i'm a fickle color tart! a year of red, then a season of green, a month of teal... while loving these colors i can't fathom why anyone would love another color, "how could you possibly like purple" i'd wonder, "it certainly isn't blue!" and then a month later all i want is to surround myself in purple. (its probably just as well i don't follow sport, can you imagine the scorn i'd attract for changing my allegiances like this!?)

my color fetish lately is yellow. for such a long time, a true appreciation of yellow elluded me. yellow just seemed so sickly, and ew! yellow snow! being of an english rose complexion it had certainly never entered my wardrobe. but gradually it entered my home, and my heart.

its just so sunny and joyful! but in the right context there is a sophistication to it, and i think that was what i had missed previously. so to celebrate it, in (some of) its shades, here are some outfits that -if i could pull it off without looking ill - i would definitely rock some mellow yellow.

how do you feel about yellow? is it welcome in your home or wardrobe?

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