Friday, August 14, 2009

made by pilgrim: alphabet posters

and so ends my third week of blogging! its about time i showed you something i've done isn't it? well, late last year i was invited to participate in a 'flash night' (a one-night-only art show) with some very talented ladies. having spent the earlier part of the year working on very elaborate, very monochromatic hand drawn work i was craving something exactly the opposite, and from this desire the posters featured below were born.

i wanted to experiment with bold color combinations and simple graphic elements to accentuate the sexy curves of the 'carousel' typeface. they were originally printed in A3 size on 300gsm glossy stock and although only a few are posted, there was a poster created for each letter of the alphabet. while some of the elements are related to the letter, most were abstract - much to the confusion of those of us raised on a hearty diet of alphabet books!

please click the images below to see larger versions.

it has been interesting hearing which letter people favor and why, and so far i haven't met a synesthesian who vehemently disagrees with my color/letter combinations!

do you like one in particular?


Cloudbusting said...

Wow, love them!! hard to pick just one, but I have a thing for R...just lvoe the colours and the rabbit and moon. They remind me a little of a set of swap cards I had in the 70s. You are so talented :)

Pilgrim Lee said...

cloudbusting - thank you! i must admit the rabbit is a bit of a favourite for me. it was the first one i did, and that color combination is generally my go-to (with magenta & red a close second).

strawberry lemonade girl said...

The bunnies in "r" and the colors in "m" and "n" are my faves. I actually love the "a" design (the flower in the letter is sooo cute!) alas, i'm just not a brown girlie much. sniff sniff! I think I'm craving a 4th color in that one just to punch it up a touch (since the others are all so bold and perty...of course I'm being picky because my name starts with an "a" haha!)

truly I love them all. you are very talented m'dear!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

hey thanks alex! when i screen print them i'll have to make sure the 'a' is in a prettier color combination ;)

petapledger said...

I love all of them Pilgrim, my favorite was letter 'C' which proudly hangs on my wall, but now I think I love 'A' best...oh it's too hard to choose! :)

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