Thursday, August 20, 2009

amazing animation: the butterfly ball

from deep purple bass player roger glover's 1974 concept album, based on william roscoe and alan aldridge's picture book of the same name. featuring ronnie james dio on vocals.

i hope its sunny where you are!


h&b said...

I used to love this, they used to play it on the ABC all the time when I was little.

Also love Ronnie James Dio - not many people know the name ( in my circles anyway ). My parents had a few "Rainbow" albums. Fond memories.


petapledger said...

I too used to watch this when they played it on the ABC.

It's wonderfully "trippy" - and the fact that Ronnie sings it adds to the coolness of it. :)

Pilgrim Lee said...

h&b - hehe not many people in my circles know ronnie dio but thanks to my Boy at i have an intimate knowledge of dio hehe.

petapledger - i don't remember it on the abc (cool!) but i think i saw it on an animation documentary my parents had on betamax. never knew who it was sung by until last year!

have you ever seen the original illustrations by alan aldridge? really amazing! i must find a copy.

Anonymous said...

Best version - the original as I remember it. Yep we remember it from ABC as kids too. played in between seasame street and play school. Thanks!
Anyone remember fleetwood mac -tusk - again filler for ABC

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