Thursday, August 13, 2009

droolry: jewelry that makes me drool

... perfection, i believe is the word you're after. Victoire de Castellane's diorette collection for dior include these breathtakingly bold enamel and jewel encrusted rings. they've been around for about a year now, but i just can't stop looking at them. they really are tiny works of art. well, tiny is perhaps an understatement! the price tags certainly aren't tiny, and the cheapest little daisy one is $1137. let's not mention the other prices.

i've always felt like i should like Tarina Tarantino. a lot more than i do. i love sparkly, slightly crazy stuff, but nothing of hers has ever really grabbed me until now: the electric koolade bib necklace! and i'm ready to take it all back. just look at it, the colors, the jewels - like dew drops on the flower petals. its like some futuristic mexican art work. too good. in conclusion: yes sir, i like it!

literal cocktail rings! but be warned ladies, if a smooth talking gent presents you with one of piaget's sex on the beach rings (from their limelight paradise collection) he may be giving you a subtle hint as to what he expects in return! and its not served in a martini glass. and its going to be sandy.

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