Sunday, August 30, 2009

draw! pilgrim press: a bubblegum rainbow studio visit on the vine

the vine

some of you may have noticed this... i know, i sneakily tucked it into the link 'round up on friday, but ego be damned, here it is again! the gorgeous gemma paid me a visit and whipped up this lovely piece about me for the vine!

and make sure you go and visit gemma's site cos her work is pop-tastic! i'm especially looking forward to seeing the “milkbars, laundromats and urban beauty” show next month.

all future interviews should come with iced vo-vo biscuits (for the uninitiated, they're the finest, frilliest, pinkest biscuit one can enjoy in australia - if not the world!). i might have to put that in my rider!

anyway i hope you enjoyed the peek inside my studio, and thanks again to gemma!

1 comment:

30dollardate said...

Oh! Those hand-painted Russian Dolls are absolutely amazing! And I love the granny squares... reminds me of old, soft crocheted blankets we have at home from my granny!

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