Wednesday, August 12, 2009

retro to go: answer that flocking phone!

Ladies, and gentlemen, i present for your viewing pleasure, the Johnny Egg Flocked Phone, available at Heals, in either pink, or indigo FLOCK! yes, its a fuzzy phone. and when i become a superhero, this will be my hotline phone.


Karen said...

Love the phone but more importantly, what would your super power be??

Pilgrim Lee said...

well i suppose i could be FlockGirl, and cover everything in pink fuzz at a single glance..?

Or i could be the Psychedelicizer.. one glance and i turn everything into a brightly colored, rainbowed, floral, cartoon world! I think i'd like that power please!

What about you?

Anonymous said...

brilliant! indigo for me....actually i'd be Indigo Girl with all the powers i could get me hands on!
missed you last week!

Pilgrim Lee said...

yes! go mighty Indigo Girl.. maybe the band the Indigo Girls have superpowers we're unaware of.

missed YOU guys! looking forward to resuming 'normal' service tomorrow night :)

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