Friday, July 31, 2009

vintage children's book: little oleg

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

Inspired by the amazing kids books covered over at Vintage Children's Books My Kid Loves and the regular feature on Strawberry Lemonade, i feel compelled to share one of my favorite childhood books: Little Oleg. Not only is it special because of the sweet story and fantastic illustrations, it's special because it was written by my great aunt and great uncle (my grandma's sister and her husband)!

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

Little Oleg is a generous neighbour to Eric, who takes advantage of him after his house burns down...

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

Eric stays with Oleg and eats all his food, driving Oleg to ask the miller for a loan. Oleg rebuilds Eric's house, and as a result, Oleg's vegetable crop is neglected and he is left with nothing to sell.

Oleg asks for help from Eric and he gives Oleg an old coat, thinking "i am too soft hearted... i should have given him a lecture!". Oleg thinks he will have no where to live, and his coat was the least of his worries, until he takes it to the tailor who offers to buy the silver buttons!

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

This leaves Oleg with enough money to repay the miller and throw a party to thank Eric. When he invites Eric, Eric becomes angry and thinks a party is a waste of money - "Besides, i thought you were hard up!" he says. He refuses Oleg's invitation and curses the fact he didn't know the coat had silver buttons.

Eric stays home sulking about the villagers partying at his expense. Meanwhile, only Oleg notices Eric's absence and at the end of the evening he leaves a parcel of treats at Eric's door. Oleg returns home, happy once more. The end!

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

Little Oleg - by John & Margaret Cort

Little Oleg
Margaret & John Cort
Carolrhoda Books, 1971

Thursday, July 30, 2009

making a moss terrarium

For a while now i've had a clear acrylic apple shaped 'jar' hanging around. I have a bit of an apple obsession, it should be noted, and often my obsession blinds me to what i'll actually do with this apple object once its in my home. Such was the case with this jar, until i saw some very cute terrariums doing the rounds on a few blogs. But to me, terrariums had always been mysterious foggy tanks, filled with strange and - as far as i could guess - precious specimens, no doubt brought back from jungles by Indiana Jones-esque plant adventurers. And lets just say my track record for keeping green things green, has not been great. I would probably be described as having a lethal un-green-thumb of planticidal doom. But these terrariums i was seeing had moss in them! Not orchids or Venus fly traps... just moss. And when i checked my garden, i was apparently very good at growing moss (unbeknownst to me). So earlier, i decided to seize the day (and the moss) and make a terrarium of my very own. One hour later, it still appears to be alive. Hurrah!

step one: collecting materials

Terrarium Ingredients

First, i had a look about to find some little treasures to put in the terrarium. I like woodland critters, so i chose a tiny plastic deer and a couple of cupcake topper toadstools to put in. Mr Gnome auditioned but unfortunately he was too tall for the role, and so he went back to his job in the pot plants outside. Better luck next time gnome.

step two: add pebbles

Terrarium Pebbles

I filled the bottom of the jar with some gravel, and river pebbles from our garden (we have a garden?!). These apparently provide drainage, and although the sites i googled suggested quarantining any items you add to your terrarium, i am impatient and not very serious about creating heirloom terrariums i will pass down to my children. In other words, i'm a moss maverick!

step three: add soil & moss

Terrarium Moss

Next i sprinkled in some potting soil from where i found the moss. Again, information i read suggested new 'pure' soil, but i figured the moss was already growing in it so it would be ok. I unearthed the moss as gently as i could and arranged it over the soil.

step four: add decorative elements

Terrarium, Open

In went the deer and toadstools and an extra pebble and i misted the lot with some water laced with beer. I remember reading about moss graffiti being done using a blended cocktail of beer and moss, so i thought - what's the worst that can happen? Drunken plastic deer riots? Again, rule breakin' no good terrarium maverick - that's me!

step five: step back and admire

Terrarium Completed

Ta daaaah! Isn't it pretty? It was very easy and i know i was naughty and didn't follow the advice of those more terrarium-fluent than i, but hey it was fun and quick and for just a while i'll have a terrarium! I'll let you know how it fares in the coming weeks.

My largely ignored (but gratefully read!) terrarium research:

By Mary Jane: How to Make a Moss Terrarium

Hope Studios: How to Make a Moss Terrarium

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

things i already covet

Following on from yesterday's post on 'What I'm Coveting' i thought i'd show you why i'm not coveting much - i already have a lot of lovely things. Things with stories, and memories, and ways of making me smile! Awww. I mean really, i could show you everything i own, because if i didn't love it, i probably wouldn't own it, but that would be a blog unto itself, and really, who wants to see an entire week devoted to posts about each pair of my socks? No one. Didn't think so. So here is a small selection of things about my house which have a place in my heart...

Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Decole 'Boulangerie' mug/teapot Isn't it a sweetie? I actually have quite a bit of Decole, i just can't resist their cute products. This is a relatively new addition, but it's a mug with a lid on top, and the lower part has a strainer and is used as a tea pot! Ugh - i die. No sugar needed in that tea - its sweet enough!

Books! I love me some books. Mostly these are inspiring, shiny-paged, art books. I do read novels, but i love to surround myself with wonderful pictures and as a result i've filled two very big bookshelves with mostly art and design books. Its so good to curl up on the sofa and soak in a heavy, glossy paged book!

Psychedelic Scarves My grandma was an amazingly stylish lady, and i'm fortunate enough to have inherited her scarves. Although i rarely wear them, its so good to be able to have them in my closet. Not only are they a reminder of her, they're an inspiration on their own. Just look at those colors and patterns! And they're just the tip of the scarf-berg!

Orla Kiely bag I, along with quite a few others, am an Orla addict. Admitting i have a problem is the first step i've been told, but i think its her problem. Stop designing great bags, Ms Kiely! (please don't!! i take it back!) I have a few of her bags but this is my favourite. Its big, and durable and just look at those flowers. It makes my heart smile!

Bedroom art gallery Our bedroom is lovely and sunny (except at night - boom tish) so its a pretty happy place to wake up in. Up there on the wall is a gouache painting from APAK and a plastic picture of a deer and flowers by Swimmer (Japanese kawaii brand) a shadow box paper sculpture by Helen Musselwhite and an original acrylic painting of a boy & a guitar (just like my boy & his guitar) by Lab Partners.

Arabia Enamelware by Kaj Franck Another treasure inherited from my grandmother, the Arabia enamel pot and salad bowl are possibly my favourite things ever. I remember them from such an early age, and unknowingly my drawing style was heavily influenced by Kaj Franck's designs on them. They've served many a delicious meal and i love that something i love so much can be used, and really be a part of my day to day life.

Tchotchkes Just little things, kitschy bits and pieces. I have a lot of them, scattered around, in pigeon holes and little groups. Here we see a leg of a little blue deer, a vintage floral mug, a 'Friends with You' blind box toy and a postcard my grandma sent from Hawaii back in the 70s. Oh and the very edge of a 'Las Vegas' salt & pepper shaker - sin city seasoning!

Photo Graphis My mum was a graphic designer, back when graphic designing required rulers and pens and real tools. While i inherited a lot of her drawing tools, i must confess the pile of Graphis annuals have been used the most! And how could you resist that cover? Another day i'll post some scans because there is some really amazing stuff in these books.

Comfy colorful corners Like i said, i could easily post my entire house, but this corner sums it up. Its a happy, comfortable place i can go to and think about what a lucky girl i am to have not only such lovely surroundings, but what adorable people i have to share it with! L.u.c.k.y!

lunchtime dance party

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what i'm coveting

I was a bit worried about what to post next, but thanks to Pip at Meet Me At Mikes i was presented with the perfect topic for today, and i think its a great way to show you some of the things I'm into! I was lucky enough to get a ton of fab birthday presents a few weeks back, so my list of 'wants' isn't huge right now, but there are a few elusive things that remain in my wish list. So let's take a look at what I'm coveting shall we?

Starting with the book 'Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design'. This only just came out but i can't wait to have a flick through. Check it out at Amazon! It looks packed with amazing work from some super talented people and there is also a great collection of previews over at Print & Pattern. The blurb states:

"Inspired by twentieth century American legends such as Saul Bass...Charley Harper and ... Alexander Girard, these burgeoning designers are creating new and striking imagery using palettes of earthy and pastel shades, reduced strokes, patterns and shapes with a strong folkloristic element."

Next, Stroboscopica albums! Oh my gosh, i do love some strange music. While rummaging through the racks at a great little music shop in Adelaide, i turned up a copy of Phase 6 Super Stereo: Introducing the Alternative Italian B-Movie Soundtrack and as soon as i listened to it once i was hooked. i needed more of these crazy, euro, organ freak-outs! After googling the label Phase 6 was released on i found there was indeed more organ freak-out to be heard. They're discontinued, but they're out there, and for $99+ they won't be coming to my house anytime soon unfortunately.

Yves Saint Laurent Biarritz heart sandals are one of those things that, I'm not sure I'd really wear a pair, but oh how their existence makes my heart smile. In the parallel universe in which i own and wear them, I'm tanned, lithe and spend my days sunning myself on a yacht.. cruising around mykonos.. also, i look great in a kaftan. Like i said, parallel universe. Another reason i like them is they're like the summer equivalent of the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Melissas. So you can wear your heart on your toes year-'round!

Lastly, Alain Gree bento boxes. They're really just too cute for words, aren't they? I want to keep all kinds of tiny cakes and treasures in them and color co-ordinate my shoes with them.

So thats all for now, but never fear, i find new stuff to covet all the time!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Welcome to the Draw! Pilgrim corner of the 'net, thanks for stopping by. I hope you like the things you'll discover here, and I hope you'll come back again from time to time and get to know me better!

I'm Pilgrim, by the way, nice to meet you. I'm a Melbourne girl who just turned 27, with a penchant for all kinds of eclectic things which I'll feature on this here blog. I love art and design and fashion, and I'm a sucker for a glossy coffee table book. I love my house and accumulating treasures and trinkets. I love music and I have a big crush on the late 1960s. And I love making things.

What else? Well, you'll just have to come back soon and find out for yourself! See you back here tomorrow, I hope!

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