Thursday, July 30, 2009

making a moss terrarium

For a while now i've had a clear acrylic apple shaped 'jar' hanging around. I have a bit of an apple obsession, it should be noted, and often my obsession blinds me to what i'll actually do with this apple object once its in my home. Such was the case with this jar, until i saw some very cute terrariums doing the rounds on a few blogs. But to me, terrariums had always been mysterious foggy tanks, filled with strange and - as far as i could guess - precious specimens, no doubt brought back from jungles by Indiana Jones-esque plant adventurers. And lets just say my track record for keeping green things green, has not been great. I would probably be described as having a lethal un-green-thumb of planticidal doom. But these terrariums i was seeing had moss in them! Not orchids or Venus fly traps... just moss. And when i checked my garden, i was apparently very good at growing moss (unbeknownst to me). So earlier, i decided to seize the day (and the moss) and make a terrarium of my very own. One hour later, it still appears to be alive. Hurrah!

step one: collecting materials

Terrarium Ingredients

First, i had a look about to find some little treasures to put in the terrarium. I like woodland critters, so i chose a tiny plastic deer and a couple of cupcake topper toadstools to put in. Mr Gnome auditioned but unfortunately he was too tall for the role, and so he went back to his job in the pot plants outside. Better luck next time gnome.

step two: add pebbles

Terrarium Pebbles

I filled the bottom of the jar with some gravel, and river pebbles from our garden (we have a garden?!). These apparently provide drainage, and although the sites i googled suggested quarantining any items you add to your terrarium, i am impatient and not very serious about creating heirloom terrariums i will pass down to my children. In other words, i'm a moss maverick!

step three: add soil & moss

Terrarium Moss

Next i sprinkled in some potting soil from where i found the moss. Again, information i read suggested new 'pure' soil, but i figured the moss was already growing in it so it would be ok. I unearthed the moss as gently as i could and arranged it over the soil.

step four: add decorative elements

Terrarium, Open

In went the deer and toadstools and an extra pebble and i misted the lot with some water laced with beer. I remember reading about moss graffiti being done using a blended cocktail of beer and moss, so i thought - what's the worst that can happen? Drunken plastic deer riots? Again, rule breakin' no good terrarium maverick - that's me!

step five: step back and admire

Terrarium Completed

Ta daaaah! Isn't it pretty? It was very easy and i know i was naughty and didn't follow the advice of those more terrarium-fluent than i, but hey it was fun and quick and for just a while i'll have a terrarium! I'll let you know how it fares in the coming weeks.

My largely ignored (but gratefully read!) terrarium research:

By Mary Jane: How to Make a Moss Terrarium

Hope Studios: How to Make a Moss Terrarium


Anonymous said...

Well that is absolutely splendid! Love the apple... Now that was a find . I bet young D loves the terrarium!

Pip Lincolne said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful project! And look at you posting your research. Gosh. You are a star.

I say Ta daaaaah to you too!! It's super pretty and you are very clever and everyone will be AMAZED at this! Cute. Cute. Cute!!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

Thanks you ladies! This was such a quick project, it was over before i even knew i was gardening. And its so cute to look over and have a mini woodland on my shelf :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Good job! It is by far my most popular post. Watch your google analytics, you'll see :)

Pilgrim Lee said...

Jennifer Juniper - (great name! big fans of Donovans music in this house) I see what you mean, already! So do you think mine will survive? Or was i too naughty and carefree in my "chucking stuff together" brand of terrerium making?

strawberry lemonade girl said...

This is adorable!!!!!!!

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