Monday, August 31, 2009

fashion favorite: lovely 'lashes

lovely lashes

a homage to lovely falsies, and the beauties who wear them! this post is dedicated to my lovely friend andie, who rocks an eyelash like nobodies business!

i tried to dig up some history on false eyelashes, but all i could find is the following, on several different sites:
False eyelashes were invented by the American film director D.W. Griffith while he was making his 1916 epic, "Intolerance". Griffith wanted actress Seena Owen to have lashes that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life. A wigmaker wove human hair through fine gauze, which was then gummed to Owen's eyelids. "Intolerance" was critically acclaimed but flopped financially, leaving Griffith with huge debts that he might have been able to settle easily - had he only thought to patent the eyelashes.
via useless facts
shu uemura has become synonymous with lashes (though the range on the website isn't nearly as big as what's in store! where are the holographic and rainbow ones?!)

and here's a video on applying false lashes

so, do you wear false eyelashes? i must admit, as much as i love them, i'm rubbish at applying them (despite much practice) and tend to look more drag than fab. sigh. why is it the things we love most, are the things that don't suit us!? (see also shift dresses and wide leg jeans)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

draw! pilgrim press: a bubblegum rainbow studio visit on the vine

the vine

some of you may have noticed this... i know, i sneakily tucked it into the link 'round up on friday, but ego be damned, here it is again! the gorgeous gemma paid me a visit and whipped up this lovely piece about me for the vine!

and make sure you go and visit gemma's site cos her work is pop-tastic! i'm especially looking forward to seeing the “milkbars, laundromats and urban beauty” show next month.

all future interviews should come with iced vo-vo biscuits (for the uninitiated, they're the finest, frilliest, pinkest biscuit one can enjoy in australia - if not the world!). i might have to put that in my rider!

anyway i hope you enjoyed the peek inside my studio, and thanks again to gemma!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

link party: one month blogiversary!

draw! pilgrim

i did it! i made it a whole month of being a bloggerella, five days a week. its been a steep learning curve, but thank you, for visiting and for commenting and all being very lovely people.

before we look back, why don't you head over to the vine for a visit to my studio and some very nice words about me!

so what might you have missed in this whirlwind of a month?

i showed you some favorite things from around my home in 'things i already covet'

i learned to stop worrying and love yellow!

there was plenty of vintage graphis magazine goodness.

i made a cute moss terrarium!

do you remember seeing the cute picture books 'little oleg' and 'wings on wednesday'?

i showed you my mellow yellow bedroom!

... and we looked at some posters i made...

and just the other day, we giggled at some retro knit fashions. (its a bit off topic, but check out these vintage hostesses! so cute!)

coming in the next month on draw! pilgrim: a spectacular birthday party, some new handmade crafty creations and something extra special i hope you're really going to like!

so, stick around my lovelies, because the fun has only just begun!

what have you enjoyed seeing on draw! pilgrim? any requests for the coming month?

book pile: my current reading list

just look at that great pile of books, would you?! and these are just the big glossy picture books awaiting my loving attention. lets not even mention the threatening tower of novels teetering next to the bed, ready to brain me as i sleep! one of my new year's resolutions this year was to read more. i was doing well until a month ago. i got busy and a bit of a backlog (or should that be booklog) occurred. i've enjoyed a cursory flick through these, but its just not enough! each one of these beauties demands an hour or two, languishing in its pages and soaking up all the glossy, glossy images. so join me for a quick tour through the pile, and maybe my pile can inspire you to construct your own monument to the glory of not-having-enough-hours-in-the-day!

overspray: riding high with the kings of california airbrush art

airbrush is one of those mediums i think of as something akin to a guilty pleasure. i always think of it being used on bad car murals, or t-shirts you'd see at the wrong kind of market (you know, those markets that sell knock off band shirts and glow in the dark religious figurines - yeah, i love them too.) or the signage for adult bookstores. i know, i know - its incredibly labour intensive, and takes huge skill, but when it goes wrong, it goes uncanny valley wrong. but 'overspray' doesn't cover these crimes against good taste, its about the golden age of airbrush - 1970's LA. specifically, charles e. white III, peter palombi, dave willardson and peter lloyd who are considered the men at the centre of the scene and whose work was used for playboy, levi's, the rolling stones, rod stewart, american graffiti and tron. (incidently my childhood wasn't completely filled with terrible airbrush art, i also loved looking at my mum's copy of rock dreamsby guy peelaert)

british animation: the channel 4 factor

after enjoying the channel 4 UK retrospective that was part of the melbourne international animation festival this year, i was pretty excited to unwrap this book on my birthday (yes, i know, i'm a nerd). written by clare kitson, who was the commissioning editor at channel 4 from 1989 to 1999, this book promises a peek behind the scenes of an amazingly creative environment. thanks to my mum taking me along to (age inappropriate) animation festivals when i was small, i have a real obsession with animation, and i really look forward to learning more about the prime of british animation (they had an animator in residence at ch. 4! can you imagine that now?! no. sad, really.)

tales designed to thrizzle vol. 1

anyone who follows michael kupperman on twitter (@mkupperman) knows his sense of humour defies description. its silly, but clever and very absurd. mere words won't do it justice! if you don't know his work, watch this clip from adult swim's snake and bacon and either get it or don't. either way, i'll be over here giggling at the toad and his mistress, snake and bacon ("ssssss!" "crumble me over a salad!") & district attorney of 1000 faces.

late 60's fashion style and swinging 60's fashion style

pie books, please, stop it. you're sending me broke! (please don't stop!) these books are no words, all pictures. as soon as i'm done drooling on them i'll wipe 'em down and share some pics. you guys like pretty pics, right? yep! i thought so! brace yourselves. its gonna be "groovy, baby" (let's never mention that again)

from my brief peek at this book, i can tell you, its like all those ebay/etsy/thrift store fabrics you always wanted but never scored. and florals, so many florals. though i am particularly looking forward to reading this (and not just ogling the fabric porn) because (in case it wasn't already obvious enough) i'm fascinated with the 60's and what a departure it was from previous decades' styles, and how the counterculture crossed into mainstream culture resulting in one eye-searing, mind-freaking collection of fabrics, design, and decor.

boutique - a 60s cultural phenomenon

as with the previous book, boutique is written by marnie fogg (who clearly needs to adopt me and take me on her time traveling adventures) and contains a highly detailed account of the rise and impact of boutique culture in 60's london. all the names are here, mary quant, barbara hulanicki, paul smith etc and it is packed with photos and illustrations that i am dying to pour over! this one seems like a compulsory text for any vintage fashion enthusiast.

cartoon modern

yep. its more animations. but this time its mid-century animations! this style has seen such resurgence in the last few years, and its charming graphic simplicity is hard to resist. cartoon modern is filled with sketches, model boards, cels, and film stills of edgy, modern characters. if you like this kinda thing, check out Surogat/Ersatz by Dušan Vukotić

thanks to pip and the meet me at mike's book, i am now a crochet artiste! i struggled and i cursed and by the end of the week i had made a (slightly wonky) granny square. some fine tuning of my skills with shelley at little sparrow and i am now an unstoppable crochet machine. i've made a tonne of squares for a blanket, 3 hats, 1/2 a scarf and 2 bunnies. but my insatiable lust for new challenges knows no bounds, and so i'm quickly emassing a library of crochet books. the downside to this is the crochet is cutting into my reading time, and so i have this big pile of books, and the big pile of books consists of more crochet times, and so... at this point in the circle, i leave you.

what's in your reading pile? and who can i write to about getting more hours in a day?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what's playing today: boogie nights

put on your rollerskates, slip on something made from gold lamé, and slather on some of that industrial strength lipgloss. flick it like farrah, strut like travolta, or get into that leotard and legwarmers... but just try and stay still while these songs take you away to a boogie wonderland...

to a boogie wonderland...

a place where nobody dared to go... the love that we came to know... they call it xanadu

in the mood for some romance? let peter brown summon the band with a wave of his hand. smoooooth.

let's skate and shake!

and let's wrap it up with a medley! its the ritchie family mega mix!

phew! that counts as today's work out. great job everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

vintage graphis: '79 country walks

Country Graphis Posters '79: Walks

from london transport's long series of posters drawing attention to places worth visiting in and around london artist: harry stevens art director: m. f. levey

i love the typeface, and the super happy pastoral scene!

Monday, August 24, 2009

fables & fabulous yarns: columbia minerva vintage knit fashions

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: Fables & Fabulous Yarns

not too long ago i discovered this fabulous knitting pattern book on etsy. its the columbia-minerva knit fashions for boys and girls no.775 from 1970 titled 'fables & fabulous yarns'. not only is it full of fabulous floral backdrops, the knitted outfits are downright charming - though maybe i feel that way because i never had to wear a woolen pinafore myself!

flowers, crazy stuffed animal props, pinafores and knee socks - what more could you want?! how about some poems? well you've come to the right pattern book!

the introduction goes:

a long time ago
in the kingdom of make believable knits
the children declared their independence
and moved across the valley to live with the friendly animals.
they were happy until autumn when it came to their notice
that the animals coats were growing thicker and warmer
while their own clothes were getting thinner.

as winter approached, envy grew into hostility,
until the animals, alarmed for their lives,
sent the tiger in delegation to persuade the children
from persisting in their foolishness.

"children" said the tiger,
"your pride threatens the peace of our land.
rob us of our coats and you rob yourself of friends,
and when our coats wear thin on your backs you
will be lonely and cold too. let us carry you home where you
can enjoy the fruits of the affectionate adults."

the children heard his words and met
in council to deliberate the matter.
a few thought it more romantic to sneak home
under cover of darkness and gather yarns to knit for
themselves. but the majority said this was not a time
for romance. "all we can knit anyway is scarves and who
wants to go around all winter wrapped in a scarf
when we could have cardigans and dresses and caps and slacks.
let us return and reconsider independence when we
know better how to care for ourselves."

secretly relieved at being outvoted,
the few joined the many and they all set out at once
astride the larger animals. the adults were likewise
relieved and decided henceforth they would
try to give their children a greater sense of freedom.

and so you will notice as you
read through our book that while the children and
their animal friends play happily together,
the grownups are not anywhere to be seen.
they are behind the scenes knitting.

the fashion director

now on with the fashion parade! please note, the poems are featured above the photos in the book. i didn't write them. i can only write rude limericks and thats another story for another time!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: girls who feed asses

two maids garbed in knits of high fashion
met an ass who ate yarns with a passion
said they in protection
please try for "delection"
these flowers as alternate ration

how sweet are those knee socks and mary-janes? and i love those hair ties the girls wear. can someone who had some tell me what they're made of? are they wool? they look like ropes and remind me of sesame street!!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: nautical but nice!

three sisters in dress of a sailor
took their pet to be fit by a tailor.
when faced by a bear
all covered with hair
the merchant turned five degrees paler.

as my mother would say, 'nautical but nice!' i wish i'd had some sailor outfits as a child. how did they get the skirts to not stretch all out of shape? can you tell i'm not a knitter?

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: apres ski, apres style

a toast to warming snacks and sweaters
sköal to saint bernard the bold
it may be june,
but none too soon
to start and knit for winter's cold.

plaid trousers! i die. how terrible is that stuffed st bernard? it looks like someone won it at a fair! i'd like that hooded cardigan, and those red mugs though, please.

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: bring on the chevron

two sisters found a baby 'roo
playing in the hollyhocks.
they spent the morning at the zoo
and picnicked there on lollypops.

lollypops, knee-socks and hollyhocks! oh my! i love the little girls matching tights and polo neck combination. i had a lot of pinafores as a child and i still love them. i just look like a sack in them now thankyouverymuch puberty!

Columbia-Minerva Knit Fashions: matching in brown

a career kangaroo
who sold fruit at the zoo
was caught making book on the side.
when asked to foreswear
this shady affair
he said, "by the book i'll abide."

these last two outfits i do not envy. and judging by the kid's expressions, they share my sentiment. the girl looks like she's saying "a brown pleated skirt?! thanks mum. now i can wear my school shoes on weekends too" and the boy looks to be saying "you think you've got it bad? i'm going to be missing more than this one tooth when i wear this around the guys!"

so what do you think, should we petition to get more poetry+knitting crossover books published? i'm thinking haiku+crochet! sonnets+cross stitch!

Friday, August 21, 2009

pilgrim's place: bedroom before & after

i have to admit, my bedroom is a real sanctuary for me. its a very light room, and even though i'm not being a morning person, i really love waking up there.

gradually i've been pulling together some treasures to make it an even lovelier place to wake
up, and just a few weeks ago i scored the pièce de résistance - a cane bedhead!
my grandma had one, when i was little, and i just loved how curly and pretty it was.

after some hardcore searching and some ebay-related patience i found one to fit our bed.
it isn't in perfect condition, but i knew with a coat of paint it would be good enough for me!

so, enough chat! time for the before and after eye candy!



and after....


i'm so happy with how it turned out. it was a full day of spraying, and waiting, and spraying some more, and my flip-flops got a bit ruined (oops) but it was worth it. i feel like the room is complete now!

what do you think?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

amazing animation: the butterfly ball

from deep purple bass player roger glover's 1974 concept album, based on william roscoe and alan aldridge's picture book of the same name. featuring ronnie james dio on vocals.

i hope its sunny where you are!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pilgrim's palette: yellow

it might be an odd thing to say, but i worship color. do you feel like this too? it has such a profound effect on me, when i'm dressing or when i'm working, sometimes i feel a bit like an alchemist. its powerful stuff, this! take some teal, add a dash of rose and a pinch of black - not too much! and voila! the magical combination of colors equal something new and greater than the parts. its power can turn your mood around or evoke memories.

i love that, perhaps more in childhood, our favorite colors help to define us. though i go through phases of staunch loyalty to a certain shade, ultimately i'm a fickle color tart! a year of red, then a season of green, a month of teal... while loving these colors i can't fathom why anyone would love another color, "how could you possibly like purple" i'd wonder, "it certainly isn't blue!" and then a month later all i want is to surround myself in purple. (its probably just as well i don't follow sport, can you imagine the scorn i'd attract for changing my allegiances like this!?)

my color fetish lately is yellow. for such a long time, a true appreciation of yellow elluded me. yellow just seemed so sickly, and ew! yellow snow! being of an english rose complexion it had certainly never entered my wardrobe. but gradually it entered my home, and my heart.

its just so sunny and joyful! but in the right context there is a sophistication to it, and i think that was what i had missed previously. so to celebrate it, in (some of) its shades, here are some outfits that -if i could pull it off without looking ill - i would definitely rock some mellow yellow.

how do you feel about yellow? is it welcome in your home or wardrobe?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vintage graphis: '79 asdf

Country Graphis Posters '79: ASDF

Poster from a colorful series of 8 for the international advertising of Manpower Temporary Services. Designer: Louis Ehlert

Monday, August 17, 2009

vintage children's book: wings on wednesday

'wings on wednesday'
written by natalie scott
illustrated by sandra smith
published by paul hamlyn 1969
ISBN 0600039714
(click images to enlarge)

wings on wednesday tells the story of a little girl named hatty. every wednesday, hatty and her mother spend the day with aunt zoe. 'fly out of the room like a good little bird and let me have a nice long chat with your mother' aunt zoe would say to hatty.

hatty would go out to the garden, where a squawking cocky (a parrot) lived. hatty didn't like the cocky, but she did like the feathers it dropped and so she began collecting them each week.

finally, when she had collected enough, she made her self a pair of wings... and off she flew (much to the envy of the caged cocky!) each week, hatty flies off, over the town, until one week she sees a forest. she lands in the forest to find it full of different species of birds who find her fascinating and rare...

all the birds want to talk to hatty, and so each week she returns to talk to a different kind. they all tell her what species they are, and what makes them special or rare.
"but all the birds were certain that hatty, who could take off her wings and leave them on the ground was the rarest of them all"

then her aunt moves away, (apologies for the patchy job of scanning it) and though her parents joke about it, hatty knows what it is like to 'fly out of the room like a good little bird'

i'm not sure where this book came from - i've always had it and i've always been fascinated with the illustrations. my copy is dogeared and missing a cover and back page and i haven't been able to find any information on author natalie scott or illustrator sandra smith, but i love the psychedelic magic marker illustrations with art nouveau overtones. the publisher, paul hamlyn seem to have been behind a number of really fab picture books of that era, lots of psychedelia.

i also own 'firebrand, push your hair out of your eyes' and 'please sit still', also by scott and smith, and although both are excellent i love 'wings' best. if anyone can offer any further information, please comment below. this book has played such a huge part in developing my aesthetic, i would really love to know anything about the ladies who created it.

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