Monday, March 1, 2010

shop love: bagatelle vintage and homewares

after getting totally snap happy while i was on my californian adventure i realized there are a lot of cool places close to home that i would love for you all to see. case in point: 'bagatelle' - a very sweet boutique a few blocks from my house! so on last thursday's perfectly sunshiney day i took a stroll and me and my camera introduced ourselves to clea stapleton; owner, artist, and vintage hunter extraordinaire!

Bagatelle Shop: Exterior
bagatelle's exterior

what first caught my eye was the always beautifully curated window and the sweet paper lantern that hangs over the doorway to bagatelle. the store is based in an old pair of shops that were probably once a butcher and a milk bar (that's a deli or cornershop) or similar. the old pressed metal decorative verandah ceiling remains - as do the old gloss tiles - and really i don't think bagatelle could be in a more perfect location!

Bagatelle Shop: inspiration board
clea's inspiration board

clea opened bagatelle as an outlet to share her ever increasing collection of vintage treasures and personal creations. i laughed when she told me there are only so many vintage bedspreads you can accumulate before need for living space outweighs the thrill of the hunt!

although my tastes are seriously planted in the 60s and 70s style i really appreciate the genteel elegance of bagatelle's 30s-50s era treasures. its easy to forget that the war era wasn't all dull tones and drab florals, and clea's selections do a lot to prove that color and panache existed.

Bagatelle: floral

bagatelle's stock is sourced from various places, and as i mentioned, the thrill of the hunt is definitely what drives the well-chosen but diverse selections on offer. i'm pretty jealous when talk turns to far-flung thrifting adventures, and trips to paris! its lucky there's plenty of pretty in there to fight off that green eyed monster, quick smart.

Bagatelle Shop: vintage threads
hand selected vintage frocks

the hand painted sign on the outside of bagatelle sums it up in a perfectly amusing way: 'your retropolitan lifestyle store'. the starry eyed vintage hunter can expect to find everything: special selections of dresses and accessories, a few shelves of fascinating books, beauty and bath products, homewares, and decor accessories (including clea's own handmade cushions from vintage fabrics).

Bagatelle: Aqua

talking to clea, it's evident that her flair for putting things together is a passion that she loves to share, and she provides consulting to those needing a dash of vintage in their lives. she also paints murals and some of her fine work adorns the walls of her own shop (see the birds pictured above).

Bagatelle Shop: teatowel
the best advice you'll get from a tea towel today!

stop in and say hi to clea if you're in the neighborhood! she's sweet, and clever and great for a nice chat on a sunny day. let's all cross our fingers that she can expand her vintage empire to include a tea room so i can have extra long chats with her!

to see more bagatelle eye candy, visit my flickr set

bagatelle: for your retropolitan lifestyle!
162 carlisle st,
st kilda, victoria

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apparentlyjessy said...

Ooh swooon! That store is gorgeous! I really wish I lived in Melbourne sometimes!

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