Thursday, March 4, 2010

7by7: March 5th 2010

happy weekend eve! its friday, and therefore 7by7 day here on draw! pilgrim. how was your week? thanks for stopping by, and if you commented, thank so much for taking the time, it really means a lot to me that you take the time to share your thoughts and opinions with me. warm fuzzies!! so shall we take a look at my week, in pictures?


here i am, waitin' for the man train, into the city last saturday night. we went to see john water's 'this filthy world' show at the art's centre (if you don't know melbourne, check out our arts centre: pointy). the show was excellent, it was such a thrill to see john waters speak, in person, and hear some of his crazy and filthy anecdotes. before the show we went to dinner and i had THE most delicious blackthorn cocktail (sweet vermouth, sloe gin, lemon peel) and yay! look, i got to show off my peta pledger heart bag. go snap one up right now! they're vintage fabric so you don't wanna miss out.

how fabulous is this chrome lettering on my friend's car?! and even better is that fact that this car's driver is a minx. and a vixen. and a doll. she's from beyond the valley of the minxy vixen dolls.

my boyfriend and i had a special anniversary this week, and look what i got: jonathan adler salt & pepper whales! aww i'm so lucky. and even better, the card accompanying this gift didn't have a single whale pun in it, what restraint! i love jonathan adler!

mm-mmmm! is there anything as inspiring as a fresh set of paints? my son and i did some painting on the weekend and we'll be doing some more this weekend. he made a plaster volcano that i know he is dying to paint so stay tuned for the undoubtedly colorful results!

we've been having such gorgeous weather lately. this summer has been vary mild and not nearly as burny as australian summers can get, which is excellent news to english roses like me! also good news for pretty flowers flourishing in my neighbour's garden. isn't this hibiscus luscious?

one of my favorite summer treats is wandering around the corner to the milk bar (that's a deli, or corner shop) to buy an after dinner ice cream. its so dreamy to be out when its starting to cool, and so refreshing to calmly stroll there and back. its hard to explain, but spontaneous summer evening fun is one of my summer bliss-outs. and now that its late summer its even sweeter to savour these more mellow evenings.

and last of all, how cool is this old brick ad painted on the side of an auto repair place on carlisle street?! i love these ads. there were a lot of varieties around the area i grew up in, and i think they established a fondness for that 'nostalgia of a time you never experienced'. is there a word for that?

well, i hope you have a lovely weekend. i recommend a picnic, or maybe if that's too cold have one on the lounge room floor. a picnic knows no meteorological restrictions! have fun whatever you do.


strawberry lemonade girl said...

That photo of you is adorable. ADORABLE i tell ya! Hey and you made your 7x7 a tad smaller. Look at you, A+ student!!


petapledger said...

I love your 7x7's, the burst of colour makes my brain buzz with delight and I agree with slg, you look adorable in your photo!! x

Pilgrim Lee said...

nawwww... you ladies!!! *blush*

Sam Roberts said...

Love that brick ad / ghostsign that you've found. Have a look at the work we're doing in the UK to photograph and archive these old painted signs:

pepenewton said...

thanks for the 7X7s Pilgrim they are so lovely - the milk bar pic could be anywhere is Australia! so cool

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