Thursday, March 11, 2010

7by7: March 12th 2010

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this is a bit of a cheeky 7by7, i know its my 'week in pictures' but the truth is... there are no pictures this week! naughty. this week has gone so fast i've barely caught my breath and when i was out and about i'd forgotten to take my camera. epic 7by7 fail. but, rules were made to be broken (especially the rules i make) so rather than my pictures painting you a thousand words... let my thousand words paint you a thousand pictures. wait, that can't be right. ah well, maths isn't my strong suit.

last friday started with a bang when my son's bookcase collapsed. no one was injured (unless snow globes count) and only the bookcase itself was badly damaged. being the opportunist that i am, i took this to be divine intervention that it was time to update the babyish nursery into an adventuresome little boy's room. so far so good. we did the ikea thing to get new shelves, the thrifted bed frame is getting stripped and repainted, and a mood board is keeping me from going bananas and painting everything a different shade of yellow. stay tuned for the final result, if i'm not crushed by any new wayward bookshelves before i finish.

wednesday was 100% lovely. i got to have a boy date and a lady date! my boy date involved lunch at one of our favourite cafes and a peaceful afternoon nap! this is what parents do when they have time alone away from their child: eat in peace, and sleep. pretty rock'n'roll, eh?

lady date on wednesday night involved more delicious food, and more delicious company. i had amazing sorbet and then we saw a single man at the fancypants cinema (that's the one with crushed velvet and brocade and popcorn cooked in olive oil) and it was really beautiful. a beautiful story, beautifully executed. i hope tom ford makes more movies, but i felt like a single man was so perfectly him i can't imagine how he could better himself. but if anyone can, tom ford can.

the rest of the week has been work, child, make, plan, and ouch (i've messed up my foot wearing terrible shoes and have to wait another week to see a podiatrist. blurg!) so i'll spare you the mundane details and leave you with the promise that next week on draw! pilgrim is going to be knock-your-socks-off-balls-to-the-wall-amazingtastic-a-go-go to the power of seven! so, there's that to look forward to!

have a great weekend, any exciting plans? tell me! let me live vicariously through your adventures while i pathetically lounge around with my foot up, in a nurofen daze!


Sara said...

eeek, crashing shelves sounds terrifying! lucky it wasn't Home Alone style and now a tarantula is on the loose though, right?!

And your boy date sounds grand. I do love a 'day' nap with my boy. Feels so decadent and relaxing.

sorry to hear you're hobbling about like an old lady. I shall crochet a cover for a cane and you will be ever so groovy, oui?!

Jutta said...

Hi, I mentioned you on my blog today. If you'd like you can see it here

Have a great weekend!

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