Monday, March 8, 2010

blogging your way course: meet some of my classmates

hi there, welcome to a new week. how was your weekend? monday was a holiday in melbourne, for labour day, so its been a slow start to the week here. we had crazy storms all weekend with giant hail and flooding and all kinds of chaos, so i think a day off was definitely what the city needed. summer definitely ended with a bang... and a splash!

speaking of endings, i've finished up the blogging your way course and i wanted to share with you some of the fab blogs i 'met' in the last 7 weeks. this course was such an excellent experience. it was run by holly becker of decor8 'fame' and you couldn't find a more genuine, supportive and pragmatic teacher if you tried. there is word that the course will be run again later this year so keep your eye on decor8 for news. its worth every penny!

so onto some of my fellow BYW graduates! this is just a fraction of all the participants, but these ladies made an extra special impression on me.

allison of bigprint little is a fellow melburnian and illustrator. her blog is all dreamy colors and textures cataloguing her inspiration, ideas and work. pop over and see what she's whipped up for house and garden magazine.

simple blueprint is one very clean and elegant blog filled with eye candy. go visit and tell me your eyes don't absolutely pig out on all that pretty! i dare ya!

here we have another antipodean blog (that's a fancy word for 'aussie'). gift tags and garlands, oh my! go have a look at the gorgeous paper goods on paperklip design. did i mention there are garlands? ah, lovely!

emily from sassy smolak is a girl with a blog full of great! i definitely enjoy seeing what treasures she's found and she seems to have that magic blogging skill that eludes me: brevity! and there's pictures! and she's nice! yay!

artlovejoy, another australian with a great eye for loveliness, and a penchant for crocheting too! her crochet squares are prettier than mine... i think this is what's known as square envy.

and lastly but not leastly, modern kiddo! i may be a bit biased on account of being their designer, but alix and dottie make this a blog not to be missed. incredible vintage finds, cute kids, this blog makes it a breeze to style your sprog (that's a child, to you un-british folk. isn't it a great word?)

speaking of great words, i'm tagging this post 'blogflog' because i'm sick of the whole 'blog love' phrase. i want to really spruik these blogs to you, i like them, so you should visit them, ergo i am 'flogging' them to you. its a bit of a colloquialism crash course here today. i blame cumulative lack of sleep and impending mind loss!


Emily said...

You are so sweet!! I totally blogged about your blog for my extra credit too!! Thank you for the sweet comments!!

Allison said...

Wow ... I pop over to see what you're up to and see you have included me in your BYW 5 post! Thank you Pilgrim - that is so lovely of you...
I hope you and your family got through the storms okay ... it was a little scary for a moment there. I found myself hiding under the door frame with the cat under my wing only to realize it was just a hail storm and not an earthquake! Sometimes I wonder where my brain goes! Any way ... thanks again for your BPL shout out ...
Allison xx

strawberry lemonade girl said...

you are adorable.....MUWAH!

Pilgrim Lee said...

you guys rule :D

joanna said...

oh thank you so much! how sweet of you! you just made me smile! and that is such a nice feeling. I have to catch up in BYW. happy saturday!

Kristi said...

I'm excited to go and visit these beautiful blogs...thanks!

Wini said...

Hi Pilgrim, Oh wow! Thank you SO much for the lovely mention! It is really sweet of you to feature me, and say nice things about my crochet too. Hey, your crochet is really pretty too!! :)

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