Thursday, March 25, 2010

pilgrim's place: bedroom art

i've been meaning to do this post since i wrote about my bedroom makeover way back last august! i know that post and the picture of my bedroom were popular, so its about time i gave some credit to the artists who made my art wall look so great. its just about an even split of purchases from etsy and outré gallery.

these two cuties ('carmen m' and 'ginger pops') are from tsktsk on etsy. they are digital prints of an original painting.

isn't this a fascinating piece? its a four layer paper sculpture by helen musselwhite, bought from etsy. and on top is a smokin' labbit! well, he's not smoking, but he is a kozik labbit, just a bubblegum one.

this is an original gouache on board by APAK, from their show at outré gallery, melbourne (just about my favorite place in the city! seriously, i had a crush on it in high school. what kind of geek crushes on a gallery? this geek!)

this isn't actually art, per se.. its a piece of plastic you slip between the letter you're writing, and your table - so the table doesn't get marked. anyway its cute and its by my favorite japanese kawaii brand 'swimmer'. i found it at the now defunct genki store: thought it was perfect colors, bought it, framed it, love it to bits. wall 'art' can be anything, my guidelines are simple: does it make me feel happy? yes? hang it on that wall!

these birdies are from sweetshorn vintage on etsy. they came painted that color and at first i considered repainting them but they add such a small shot of variety i really love them just the way they are. aww.

both of these beauties are by lab partners. the yellow and pink painting is an original from the hunt and gather show at outré. i really love this little painting, i desperately wanted a lady painting to go with it but alas - she'd sold! my son calls this guy 'ukulele man' and he says goodnight to it every night. i think he thinks its a painting of daddy (who plays guitar). the pink and blue one is a letterpress print, from etsy. its an homage to lab partner's home: san francisco. it definitely reminds me of happy holiday times now, too.

and lastly, here's a view of what i wake up to each morning. this print (from outré) hangs over our chest of drawers on the wall adjacent to all the other pieces. its called 'this is how it always starts' and is by heisuke kitazawa/PCP. i love how dreamy it is, and the little characters are so whimsical. its a nice piece to face first thing

i hope you've enjoyed the tour of art, i really love it. its so nice to have a bedroom filled with special treasures that make waking up such a sunny and aesthetically pleasing ordeal!


Sara said...

Aw lovely! Would you believe I have a very similar set up on my bedroom wall too?! Ha!
I love APAK - that original print is so sweet. I only have 3 tiny postcards hanging in the bathroom...
And there are a few prints by Lab Partners I have coveted for some time but stopped purchasing stuff as I've run out of wall space! I think it might be time to update though...maybe..
Also, the Sydney Outre branch is right next to my favourite bar, they also serve crepes! DOUBLE WHAMMY!! Lovely post pilgrim!

lou said...

this is so well done. i like the little birds and the german coockoo clock the most. it's so original.

renee said...

Wonderful! I really love Lab Partners style.

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