Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mixtape: songs to skip down a daisy covered hill to


it's that time of the year... whether you're in the northern hemisphere flirting with spring or in the southern hemisphere enjoying these dying days of summer, it's that time of the year when when something deep within you stirs. is it a primal calling or the result of pollen overexposure? we must find what it is that causes this seasonal madness that manifests itself in such a ridiculous way! i speak of the desire we all share - the need to skip down a hill, covered in daisies.

and of course skipping down a daisy covered hill (or indeed through a flax meadow) requires a very specific soundtrack. today i offer you my selections. i ask that you listen, and imagine the skipping, the warm sunbeams, and of course, the thrill of galloping down a gentle slope. enjoy.

cat stevens - if you want to sing out, sing out


originally from the harold and maude soundtrack, this is the one cat stevens' song that doesn't make me break out in hives. sorry yusef, but at least you wrote this one song i like. i know someone who loves anything you do though so i doubt you're too sad.

harpers bizarre - come to the sunshine


harper's bizarre would soundtrack my movie, if i had a movie. and my movie would just be montages of me trying on fun hats, or racing around the city being a carefree bachelorette. also there would be a campy dance number and maybe a touching scene where i sing a song on a boat about how great some new beginning is going to be.

donovan - someone singing


donovan was one of my earliest musical loves. my parents loved donovan, and they would sing his songs to me and now i sing them to my own son who is named after this very songwriter! circle of life... or something. anyway, weave some daisies into your hair, put on your fanciest frock coat and grab some love beads.

the monkees - pleasant valley sunday

the monkees' pleasant valley sunday is such a classic pop song.. and really what by the monkees' isn't made for skipping to?!

simon and garfunkel - punky's dilemma


simon and garfunkel are always good for 'sunbeam' songs, but this song is especially delicious. the harmony at 1:13 gives me goosebumps every time. i'm a 'citizens for boysenberry jam' fan too.


strawberry lemonade girl said...

I love them ALLLLLLL.
Do you know I had never heard of Harper's Bizarre? I love that name!!!!

All the others are faves of mine too.
YAY for skipping throug daisy fields!

D R E W said...

OMG our movies would be exactly the same1!!

Sara said...

aw I love ALL these songs! now for some sunny weather...I fear I have only my sunny disposition to accompany these tunes! (Also - I freaking love Cat Stevens. Sorry bout that...) I figure you'll still be my friend though?!

Pilgrim Lee said...

drew - maybe we could have duelling montage movies? ;)

sara - of course i'll still be your friend! i just won't be friends with cat stevens hehe

Emily said...

All wonderful choices!! What great music taste you have ;)

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