Friday, March 26, 2010

7by7: March 26th 2010


aaaaand i'm back on the horse! back to a 7by7 at last!


best way to start the day? mickey mouse pancakes, but of course! yep, sometimes i can muster the effort to cook breakfast and try and impress a three and a half year old food critic. my only failing was not having any fruit to make poor mickey a face. oops. hopefully that will help me avoid any copyright law suits.


in other parenting news, i'm in the process of updating the nursery to a proper big kid's room. isn't this sheet SO cute? it came from etsy, and i've got plans to turn it into a duvet cover.


and another cute etsy parcel i received were these vintage circus cards. my son and i like talking about what each person does and how good they are at their job. aren't they pretty? its kind of bizarre that a 'fat woman' is a circus attraction! aren't the colors pretty though?


pretty fruit in a pretty box. i like catching these moments for 7by7, it makes me appreciate the mundane daily tasks if i spot a spontaneous pretty picture opportunity. i love crisp green apples - but only if they're cut up! i knocked my front teeth out when i was seven and have had the same caps on my teeth since then = lots of very tentative biting.


mmmm forgotten fabrics. how on earth did i forget i bought these fat quarters at purl's palace in daylesford?! they were in a paper bag that mysteriously fell down behind a chair. but i found them and it was like discovering buried treasure in the lounge room! aren't they gorgeous colors and patterns? i'm not sure what to do with them, what would you do?


i got my hair cut and recolored on wednesday, not really big news but ooooh the blow dry! people, the blow dry was. so. good. i love my salon, they have a ruched gold curtain and they never fail me but i'm pretty sure i've met my blow-drying soulmate. maxine is an absolute fox with a true appreciation of vintage style. she's a pin-up queen with quite a way with a brush. any lovers of retro styling should pay her a visit so she can make her dream tiki inspired salon dreams come true! i asked for something kinda sixties, expecting the usual tame flick and half hearted back combing and what i got was incroiablé.


this photo really doesn't do justice to the height of the back combing, it was epic. and i had curls which i've never had before. i left very happy and me and my hair bounced all the way home!

have a lovely weekend. relax, have fun, and come back on monday y'hear!


apparentlyjessy said...

Oh la la! That is a beautiful photo of you!
Loooove the vintage circus card set, especially love the tightrope walker and the bareback rider card!

Purple Deer said...

That is so very cute the card game you play with your son. I hope to be as close to my son when he get's older and wants to play.

Sara said...

super hot haircut miss pilgrim! nicely done indeed. Hope you went out somewhere afterwards to show off your glory, even if it was just grocery shopping or for a coffee. Plus that sheet is adorable, will be a lovely quilt cover. what a find! xx p.s day moths HAH! brilliant.

Anonymous said...


Mitzi Curi said...

I had that same deck of cards when I was a kid. I always felt sorry for the obese woman, but I loved the colors in the various pictures. Thanks for the memories!

Mitzi Curi said...

Oops, I also meant to compliment you on your hair. That's a lovely photo of you!

pepenewton said...

great blow dry Pilgrim! I really love your pretty apples shot btw. I love it when the beauty of every day mundane life is captured - thank you!

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