Thursday, April 29, 2010

mixtape: late night songs for insomniacs


despite loving my sleep, sometimes it doesn't come so easily and i find myself still awake as the birds start to sing. occasionally its a productive time for me, but often its stressful and lonely and just flat out bleak. so this is part of a mix i put together last time i wide awake at 4am.. i hope if you find yourself up at that darkest hour, you'll play these songs and feel a little bit less hopeless and alone.


night nurse

from the album l' avventura by dean & britta

dean & britta are like the indie serge gainsbourg and jane birkin of our day (except britta can actually sing). you may know dean from galaxie 500 or luna, and britta from her work on morel orel or wait for it: jem and the holograms! yep! she was the singing voice for jem. i love their music together, and the hazy, warm, tones of this song should soothe you into a happier place.



from the album in the court of the crimson king by king crimson

i first heard this ethereal song on the soundtrack to one of my favourite films, buffalo 66. all i previously knew of king crimson was extremely prog rocky and not my cup of tea but this album has quite a few tracks i've come to really enjoy.


kathy's song

from the album sounds of silence by simon and garfunkel

this song makes me so nostalgic for when my boyfriend and i lived an eight hour drive apart. i would get the overnight bus to visit him and because i was too excited and lovesick to sleep, i'd compile epic bittersweet playlists to pass the time. its amazing the depth songs take on when you're curled up in a bus seat, watching the dark countryside speed by, and pressing yourself against the cold glass to try and stargaze. who knew traveling the greyhound could be romantic? listen and imagine you're drawing closer to your favorite person.


good night

from the album the white album by the beatles

how could i not include this?! when i was little my parents would play the beatles for me to go to sleep to. i think this might have created some kind of pavlovian narcoleptic response in me, but even if you weren't conditioned when you were young i think that this is a soothing late night listen. it might just be the aural equivalent of a mug of warm milk, being tucked in, and getting a kiss on your cheek.


i like the sunrise

from the album you could be born again by the free design

and when the night time is over, and the birds are tweeting and you're still up don't beat yourself up about not sleeping. don't stress over how long the day is going to be, just listen to this classic cover and soak in some gentle happy. its as sweet as being bathed in warm morning light and the whole song sounds like a languorous, elegant stttrrrrrrreeeeaaatch. why worry over lost sleep: now you have an excuse to nap!

shhhh! sweet dreams...
ps: i am an amazon affiliate, so if you like any of these songs, buying the album from amazon will mean i can buy more pretty books to show you on here! its the circle of life, and i like to think everyone wins in this situation!

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Little Gray Pixel said...

Good picks! It just so happens that I was an insomniac last night, and these would've come in handy then.

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