Monday, April 12, 2010

as seen on etsy: pretty sixties flowers


pretty sixties: a spring fresh palette with a twist of flower power!

can someone buy that green planter. i've been eyeing it off too long and i'm about 5 minutes away from caving in and buying it and putting it in my bedroom and filling it with fresh daisies! please, won't someone think of my hay fever! mercy!


strawberry lemonade girl said...

Amazing gorgeous girle. i love it!!

Also, i had that green daisy basket but it was in the most hideous dusty rose (i mean honestly....who would produce such a cool shape in such a grody color???). I think I still have it, with plans of painting it. But it's a glossy plastic and I wasn't sure what would stick....

Pilgrim Lee said...

i have a feeling krylon makes a plastic friendly spray paint... we don't get it here but i recall seeing something in one of my obsessive googlings of 'can i paint this thing i found'

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