Tuesday, April 20, 2010

book pile: how we go



how we go: lesley anne ivory

today's vintage children's book is another early reader. i love how charming the illustrations are. look closely and you'll notice a subtle texture to the illustrations that reminds me a bit of a subtle version of eric carle's pictures.







they're very sweet aren't they? i love the astronaut! and the picture of the children pretending to fly made me giggle, looks like they're doing jazz-hands rather than actually trying to fly. and the cowboy appears to be getting about on tippy toes!


Sara said...

ooh i like the look of this book. Plus the font is rather futura like!! My favourite plant is dying right now (not my fault! honest!!) but I'm perversely enjoying it as the leaves are turning a yellow green that is so very eric carle and hungry little caterpillar like. xx

Mitzi Curi said...

"I am an antique dealer. I go in a junker van"


Rich said...

I love the look of this book! It would be great if someone bought out books with a little more metro in them. I'm sure a sensory mix of older illustrations and current art would be epic.

Love your blog!

Pilgrim Lee said...

sara - you're a plant sadist! hehe no i'd imagine thats very pretty. like your own little patch of autumn

mitzi - haha i wish i could go in a junker van!

rich - thanks, and i agree. a mix of styles would be very cool!

strawberry lemonade girl said...

I love the photo elements in these (did Donovan ever watch Charlie and Lola? Very diff illustration but they use textural elements too).

Aw this makes me miss Storybook Tuesdays on Strawberry Lemonade. I need to get back on the horse!

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