Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pilgrim: ten things you probably didn't know about me


i was working on another post for today but it wasn't really happenin', you know? and when writing something is like pulling teeth, its probably not going to be much fun to read either. so inspired by pip's list of ten things i thought i'd join the fun. so here are 10 facts you probably didn't know about me:

1. i'm an only child and loved it. my son will be an only child too, and so far he seems ok with that.

2. about a month after growing in my adult teeth i knocked my front teeth in half swinging on the front gate. i've had the same caps (crowns) on since i was seven. i attribute this to careful brushing and a hatred of toffee/candy apples.

3. i've died my hair every color but green. i've even died it grey!

4. while living in england i unknowingly moved into the street where my great, great, great grandparents had been born and raised. i found out after living there for about five months and could then visit where they were married and where they boarded the ship to sail to south australia 166 years previous.

5. i've never learned to drive or ride a bike. i like staying in one place. except for when i don't!

6. when i was little i used to pretend to be a stylist/photographer, and i'd collect various themed objects from the house and then arrange them to photograph with a dodgy disposable camera. inevitably the photos were blurred and the concepts really hokey but i like to think i was limbering up for eventually blogging.

7. i play the cello and also the piano accordion, but never at the same time.

8. i love spooky stuff and the 'paranormal' but have a terribly overactive imagination. this = staying up late reading spooky things, and then staying up even later too terrified to sleep because my mind is inventing things to see.

9. my middle finger on both hands is crooked and curves toward my index finger (like i'm doomed to forever slightly be doing a vulcan hand sign. click for photo of proof). its a genetic quirk i inherited from my dad.

10. i only ever wear one ring: an opal ring made by my dad for my grandma rowie (my mum's mother)


Pip Lincolne said...

I like hokey! I do! I like your no-drivey, wiggly fingered, grey haired, cap-toothed good list! I do!

Pilgrim Lee said...

pip, when you put it like that is sound like a MESS!!! haha thanks for the list-speration :D

D R E W said...

my index fingers lean toward my middle fingers. sorta the opposite of yours.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Interesting! I also have half a fake front tooth, although it was from doing something you don't do: riding (or falling off) a bicycle. ;-)

Alfalky said...

wow - i too am a non driving, cello playing, only child who used to play stylist!

great post!

Pilgrim Lee said...

drew - does that mean we could do some kind of mirror image street performance thing? hehe

little grey pixel - and to think i thought i was going to be safe NOT riding a bike! watch out for them gates!

alfalky - well clearly you are a fine specimen of excellence! ;)

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