Thursday, April 8, 2010

sweet suite: vintage teen-dream bedroom set


as i was randomly wandering around the internet i discovered this amazing bedroom furniture set on retro renovation (i vicariously live through that fab blog)! please click through to see more pictures, its just incredible. the flowers, the typographic details, the awesome telephone booth seat!! excuse me.. i'm having a seizure of furniture related joy.


i see these sorts of vintage things online and just about hyperventilate. australia really doesn't have treasures like this. our small population has always meant a small range of consumer goods and so teenage bedrooms of the 60s were furnished pretty traditionally. there is no way something this far-out and groovy would've been mass produced here. so three cheers for the internet for giving me a peek into the hippest, grooviest teenage room styles of the american teen!

and now, if you'll excuse me, i'll continue that furniture-joy seizure...
images via retro renovation

1 comment:

Mitzi Curi said...

Very groovy, indeed! I love the colors....this is what I grew up with. I'll be visiting Retro Renovation next.

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