Monday, April 19, 2010

as seen on etsy: turquoise and olive


i have such a crush on this color combination at the moment! there is something so refreshing and sort of sophisticated but fun about turquoise and olive together. what do you think? are they colors you would wear, or just have in your home? or both? or neither? tell me your innermost thoughts on turquoise and olive!


Sandy a la Mode said...

i want to use this combo in my basement!! paired with a maple/wheat neutral tone and maybe some browns!

paintergirl said...

hahaha - i love it too. I remember my mum trying to tell me when I was a little girl that "Blue and green should never be seen" ... but this was the same lady that said that pink and red don't go together - sheeeesh!

paintergirl said...

PS - some nice green and blue shoes via etsy on my blog too (you don't have to publish this comment - i'm just being lazy)

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