Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love list: april wish list


its looooove list day! yay! so, this is what's in my current wish list:

love list
images via swedish hasbeens

its finally turned cold here, so here we are halfway through autumn and finally its being autumnal! after living alternating between ballet flats and havianas for six months its time to bring in a good boot, and what better boot than a beautiful blue pair of swedish hasbeens! just look at that color, i want to swim in it. the only thing holding me back from diving in and purchasing a pair is a) i don't have a boot warehouse to store my already excessive boot collection in, but more seriously b) the wooden sole worries me a bit. it sounds very hard and i'm not sure my precious little toes (and twice dislocated knee) could handle a wooden sole. but mmmm pretty blue boots. and for those of you in places where summer is coming: get a load of those ice-cream colored sandals. dreamy!

love list
image via lovely package

next on le list: cider! or if you're from england's south west: "soy-derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (thats the phonetic spelling, there). i'm not a beer drinker so if i can't have a g&t, then cider is my drink. its so refreshing and there's something vaguely wholesome and bucolic about a nice glass of cider (especially if its in a dimpled mug). but how hip is this cider's packaging, designed by ilovedust? i'm pretty bad when it comes to judging books by covers, and buying things for the box they come in, but cider this cute has definitely got to taste better. which is your favorite packaging - sea cider, apple or pear? via lovely package

love list
image via michelle mason

another specimen of cute from the UK are these tumblers and mugs by michelle mason. anytime i see pictures of london's lollypop crossing lights i regress to being 5 and looking through picture books which told me trucks were 'lorries'. the design on these mugs is very sweet and london never looked so colorful! don't you think these would make morning coffee about 700% more cheerful? via retro to go

love list
image via tufted

i certainly wish there were more rugs in my life, but as it is i feel like it would be too much (especially considering all the rugs i like are VERY patterned! but i would consider selling every patterned thing for this rug pictured above. i love the scalloped, scaley pattern, i love the colors, i love that its bright but sophisticated and i love that the company who makes it is called 'tufted'. tuft is a good word. via design*sponge

love list
image via winter's moon

so if i can't have a stinkin' big patterned rug then i'll console myself with pretty pillows. honestly, sometimes i think if my boyfriend were to leave me, it'd be over the number of pillows on the couch. they out number him 8 to 1 and i think he's threatened by them. but this sweet patterned cushion from winter's moon would hold up a chair all by itself, don't you think? a nice cosy corner for tea and reading, with this pillow would be a pretty nice place to be on this grey and rainy day.

so thats it for now, but tell me, what's on your wish list at the moment?


Verhext said...

That rug, for sure, since I saw it on design*sponge! I don't even like to look at it because I'm sure it's $2347389 and I just want to curl up on it with a pile of pillows and a book and a cup of tea!

handmade romance said...

awesome love list. that rug!!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

verhext: agreed. lets not look at the price haha

handmade romance: thaaanks! its always a bit of a challenge to narrow the list down, but that rug HAD to be included! :D

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