Thursday, February 25, 2010

shop love: a visit to the lark shop, daylesford

its so funny how conditioned you become to spending weekdays working or running the house etc, so that when the chance for adventure pops up it feels thrillingly illicit to be out and about during a week day! on monday some friends and i skived off work, cut class, snuck out of the city and headed for the country air! for ages we'd been talking about doing this and finally the stars (and bank accounts) aligned and off we went in search of this gorgeous rural store we'd all heard so much about. lets just say my vintage wallpaper sense was tingling...

lark was started by allison jones, as a way of recycling her collection of sweet vintage finds into toys and dresses. the lark showroom is tucked away in the postcard perfect town of daylesford, victoria. the clean and bright store is filled with the most perfect things, displayed in sweet vintage shadow boxes and dolls houses. but all this sweetness isn't without substance, lark's ethical policies show a real concern for environmental and social responsibility, which makes shopping there just that little bit sweeter!

i know you're all dying for the eye candy, so set your eyes to drool and take a look at lark:

hand knitted fair trade play food. too sweet to eat!

the crisp, eye catching display shelves with vintage wallpaper, a beci orpin folk face pillow

felt cuckoo clocks by new zealand designer cuckoo nest

'dumpling dynasty' brand bags and cases.

'rosie flo's' coloring book and adorable forest gnome pencil cases

deliciously displayed 'dumpling dynasty' kits

and of course i couldn't go home empty handed. really, that would have been straight up crazy! so here's whats now in my nest thanks to lark:

'children's rooms' published by paumes, japan. i bought london, stockholm & paris. oh drool!!

the indie rock coloring book. because kids need to know which parent has the better taste in music as soon as possible! haha

an amazing apple tablecloth by engel. do you remember my post about my apple obsession? i never knew i could love a tablecloth so much. i think i want my wedding dress made from it.

and after many years of ogling their website, at last i have some plastic ware from rice! oh kaloo kalay! take that tupperware!

for information on visiting lark click here
to visit the lark online store click here and enter at your paycheck's peril!!


pepe newton said...

love love love it, want to go to Daylesford. Now.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Droooooool. This store, this STORE!!!!! I love it!!
The guy who illustrated the Indie Coloring Book is really cool, I featured him in Strawberry Lemonade a while ago. I am dying over the cuckook clocks!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

you can shop online too, ladies! :)

Apothecary Fox said...

This place is such an inspiration to me. I love your purchases. So perfect. I too have a love of rice and have never been able to buy any. Great post.

Pilgrim Lee said...

apothecary fox - thanks! good luck finding some rice plasticware.. i have to say it was worth the wait :)

BOB & MABEL said...

It is an amazing shop and your photos capture that beautifully.

Emma said...

Your photos are excellent.. it's such a bright and cheerful store. It'll be at the top of my list should I ever get to Aus. I have the rice plates, teaspoons and water cups, one of each of 6 colours... they are my number one fave items in my kitchen and I want more! I got mine from Mulberry Hall in York UK, should there be anyone local to that city reading! ;)

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