Friday, February 26, 2010

7by7: February 26th 2010

are you getting the hang of this 7by7 routine yet? 7by7 is seven days, seven photos. its an overview of what i've been up to this week. so what have i been busy with this week? the usual, espionage, seduction, mystery, adventure. and also these things:

now that its finally not so darned hot all the time i've had that urge to get back to my roots, as a hooker: crochet, dears, crochet! i'm continuing work on a mega afghan for our bed. i've given up the squares for now and i'm working on circles from 'beyond the square crochet motifs' by edie eckman

i went to visit my friend at her shop and she showed me this pocket shrine she's had for years. i'd never seen one before, but its so tiny and fascinating! i'm pretty sure it would've blown my mind completely had i seen it when i was eight years old, oh how i loved making miniatures! the photo is pretty much actual size.

hey kids! try delicious and nutritious SPACE BURRITOS! actually it was just my delicious falafel wrap i had for lunch at a really great organic cafe in daylesford. the only interstellar thing being my garlic breath after lunch. totally. worth. it. yum!

also spotted in daylesford at 'lost in the 50's', were these old fashioned soda bottles. here we see fanta with a groovy ridged bottle and 'cottee's passiona'. cottee's is a staple of every australian childhood, they make cordial that's powered many a sugar high, for generations. the upstairs level of this shop was an amazing trove of magazines from the 30s-70s.

isn't it just divine when your snack of choice matches up with your current reading? i'm sure my family is grateful i'm not reading 'the electric koolaid acid test' next week.

wedged in between my welcoming little 'friends with you' figures is a mysterious new wooden stranger! she's a DIY kokeshi doll, and i'm looking forward to customizing her as soon as i can pry those colorful two away from her. maybe they're having a friendship convention?

and get a load of this! another one of my 'friends with you' figures tried to get involved with my lark purchases photoshoot! i think he was starting to feel threatened by all those colors and just needed to make his presence felt. what a cutie though! i love 'friends with you'

well that was my week, chickens! how was yours? did you eat space burritos? did toys infiltrate your photos?

i hope you have a great weekend and see you back here on monday!


strawberry lemonade girl said...

I'm so crushed you're not in my group chica....waaah.
Lovely 7x7 as usual!

Emily said...

Oh my I just bought the tools to learn how to crochet I am really excited. Alos love your food and book combo classic.

Wini said...

Hi Pilgrim, I love the idea of 7by7 posts. Great images! Love the crochet! I'm working on a crochet project too, its so much fun. And the figures are sooo cute!!! You made me feel so happy. Have a great weekend.

Pilgrim Lee said...

emily - oh a new crocheter! yay! hope its going well for you

wini - i'm glad i made you feel happy, hope your crochet project turns out well!

jacqueline said...

I am loving your gorgeous site! Your photos are soo gorgeous and i love the happy colors your lovely space have! Your 7by7 column is very interesting. :) Ohh i love "friends with you"! Thanks so much for sharing. :)
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh, your crochet circles are beautiful! I knew you would use beautifully coloured wool!
I am intrigued with the pocket shrine too, I loved miniature things when I was little too, constantly making little houses for my tiny dolls!

Pilgrim Lee said...

jacqueline - thanks for stopping by! nice to see you here

jessy - you'll have to swing by mexico on your next big trip and pick up a shrine of your own! ;)

Carla Dallas said...

pilgrim, I have one of those tiny shrines too, my friend bought it in Paris, I carry it in my travel kit :)

Bethel of Bethania said...

I love your bag for you crochet creations... I have a shopper bag like that - I was given it for my second last baby[shhhhh she's 35 now].
Still have it it all safe in my wardrobe holding special items that we don't get to wear too much up here... like scarves, beanies & the like... B

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