Friday, February 19, 2010

7by7: February 19th 2010

i don't know if its just coincidence but i think this 7x7 'week in pictures' type feature holds magical powers. it makes weeks go very, very fast!

first off, lets talk about the new header! if you're reading this via an rss reader come on over to the site and tell me what you think of the new scheme. its a little bit toy-town, a little bit mary blair, and a little bit alexander girard.

to people in cooler climates, this photo isn't very inspiring but did we get some rain or what?! there was thunder and lightening and the concreted area in front of our porch turned into an impromptu wading pool! but its good news, because we're in a constant state of drought here. we have serious water restrictions in place - the most difficult to live with is limiting shower time. how i long for an obscenely long shower!

i had a lovely valentines day! i got flowers, and breakfast and hugs. the ladies working at the florist where my flowers were bought gave my son his own valentines day rose. what a ladykiller!

and these were my stunning flowers! a whole big pink mess of orchids! my boyfriend is so funny, he was telling me how he went to a bunch of florists, but he has a particular florist for each kind of flower he usually buys me: one is good for lillies, another does great roses etc. i'm a very lucky girl!

on thursday i got to take a day off: hip hip hooray! so my friend and i caught up for some coffee and lunch and i got presents and home made jam! and i got to eat this delicious toasted pide, filled with roasted pumpkin, chickpease, baby spinach, goats cheese and caramalised onions. yep, it was deeeeelicious!

after our deicious lunch we decided if this was going to be a lady date, then we really should go and do something silly like get a pedicure. so my toes are now 'purple with a purpose'. i wish i had the job to think up color names!

tonight i made a big batch of chilli, and while i was chopping up the peppers i was struck by how awesomely colorful they are. maybe i can make a nailpolish color called 'pepper with a purpose'? or maybe not haha

i hope you have a really great weekend. does anyone have anything exciting planned? our weekend looks a bit fragmented with work, and gigs, but i'm sure with the batch of chilli, and the perfect weather we're having we will have some nice late summer fun. til monday, take care lovlies!


Q Tea Kits said...

Hiya Pilgrim,
So nice to meet you last night at Nana Class :) - would LOVe, love, love to talk colaboration with the blog header BTW Mary Blair is my FAV - love her work and yours too!

vmichelle said...

I love the new header! And the purple with a purpose nail polish!

Mitzi Curi said...

I love your vibrantly colored blog header! It has a cool retro-1970's vibe to it. Great job!

apparentlyjessy said...

The new header is beautiful! I really love the colour combo you used, and it sure does remind me of Mary Blair!
I am so jealous of those beautiful orchids, what a vibrant pink!

Jutta said...

Love the new header!

Pilgrim Lee said...

jodi - so great to meet you! haha nanna class, never! crochet is the next black! we're crocheting sexy back ;D

jessy - the orchids are still going! more than a week later!

michelle, mitzi & jutta: thank you! BYW love fest!

Pepe Newton said...

my fave nail polish colours are "I'm not really a waitress" (its red) and "privacy please" (very elegant pale pink)

I think I'd like to make up those names too. Is that actually a job?

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