Friday, February 12, 2010

7by7: February 12th 2010

this week has been quiet. between keeping busy with home life, work life and blog life, there wasn't much time for adventures, and thats reflected in this mostly home-centered week of photos. so enjoy this peek into my week!

7b7: mellow yellow morning tea time

breakfast is a lot sunnier when you notice your stuff matches! i should've fried up some eggs to drape over the teapot and chucked some yellow colored juice around to give it a bit of a 'salvidor dali does breakfast' thing. the pedestal mug reads 'young lovers' on the base, isn't that sweet?

7b7: olivetti valentine typewriter

i was dusting my shelves, and overcome with lust for my coveted olivetti valentine typewriter. so it got its own little photoshoot. there should be a rule that everyone gets a valentine typewriter on valentine's day, don't you think?

7b7: chunky move dance company

this is the 'chunky move' dace company's theatre. isn't it a great building? i was actually visiting my friend at the contemporary art centre next door. shame there was no blue sky, that oxidized metal would've really popped against our roaring blue sky!

7b7: cookbooks

since coming home, i'm having to come to terms with the fact that no one is going to bring me room service. so i've turned to the trusty collection of recipe books i inherited. they're a great source of inspiration, though rarely its dinner-related inspiration!

7b7: easter bunny cupboard

look who i found lurking in my kitchen cupboard! i told him to go away because we hadn't even had valentine's day yet and when i looked the following day he was gone! i asked my boyfriend if he'd seen the bunny but he just mumbled something to me through a mouthful of chocolate. very mysterious!

7b7 book: "diners, bowling alleys & trailer parks"

at the start of the year i made a pledge to read a book a fortnight, and so far i'm ahead of schedule! i'm really looking forward to getting stuck into my current reading "diners, bowling alleys & trailer parks: chasing the american dream in postwar consumer culture". i ordered mine from here.

7b7: vintage style valentine fabric

look what i found in my fabric stash! isn't it cute? i've been holding on to it because its so cute i don't want to cut it! any ideas on what to do with it?

i hope you have a great weekend, don't forget my valentine's day treasures for a last minute idea, and see you on monday.


Anonymous said...

You could get a piece of red gingham the same size and attach it to the back and make a summer knee blanket or as a play mat for the floor? :)

Jutta said...

Hi, I found here via the BYW class... Your blog is so adorable, love all the colors and happy 70's stuff!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea of what you can do with it! You can send it over here to me, I'd be glad to help you destash a little, it would pain me but I would do it to help a fellow

Seriously though, it really would make an adorable lap (knee?) blanket. Or you could cut each block and make it a soft alphabet book. (I wouldn't be able to do that, but it would be adorable, if you could bring yourself to cut it.) Either way it's a great piece of fabric.

I love your blog btw. That mixtape post is great. I may have found some new favorite songs!

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