Wednesday, February 3, 2010

7by7: February 3rd 2010

welcome to 7x7, a new weekly feature on draw! pilgrim, its a 'week in pictures' type round up of snippets from my life designed to encourage me to share more of what i'm up to, and take more photos even when i'm not on holiday. as socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living, while that sounds a bit drastic, i'm terrible at taking photos generally and i'd like to have more to look back on.

i miss room service breakfast! i could eat that plate pictured everyday, forever. i'm normally terrible with breakfast, but having a proper breakfast makes so much difference to how i feel throughout the day. but has that motivated me to make a plate of fruit up like that now i'm home? no. no it hasn't.

on our last day in LA we had breakfast at swingers diner on beverly blvd and then walked around to melrose ave to cruise shops. we passed by canter's deli which was on my list of places to visit, but we seriously ran out of time. peeking in the window convinced me we need to visit with empty stomachs next time!

i don't know what strange gasses they pump through airplanes, but i always seem to forget what's in my suitcase between point A and point B. so unpacking is especially exciting for me, and as soon as i pull everything out of the case it all comes flooding back- "ah! remember that time we went to amoeba records and thought we'd died and gone to heaven?" "hey look! there's that crooked street we went down!" etc etc for 3 hours. sigh...

homework is much more fun when you're doing it in candy colors! it feels so fun to hand write stuff after being conjoined to the keyboard so much of the time! i'm into week 3 of the BYW course with the lovely holly becker, so this notebook is filling up with all kinds of treasures.

i'm not sure if our cat, pringle, is happy we're home or not... what do you think?

this guys is nuts about stealing my foreign chocolate stash! lucky he's so cute. how lucky am i to have a boyfriend who buys me jonathan adler for christmas? very.

here's a little bit of a sneak peak of a work in progress. i hope you like it, the flowers sure are cheering me through the post holiday blues.

i know its been very holiday snap heavy lately, and i promise this 'slide night' won't be lasting too much longer, so in future weeks, real live photos will be more 'exotic' posting material.


Kazz said...

Hi there Pilgrim, your tweeting about your trip was fab thanks for keeping us up to date with your ventures. I hope your post holiday blues don't hurt too much. Great blog post! they're always great! I really enjoy reading them, I especially love your illustrator graphics that you put together for your headers something I too do and enjoy. The blogging course sounds great, I'm looking into it myself thanks for sharing the link. I look forward to seeing more of your holiday snaps on here with a running commentary :) keep up the great work beats watching TV... Love it!

geramyum said...

I just looked at your inspiration board on flikr and now your blog. LOVE it. Your breakfast is even colorful and fun- lovely!!!!

EmilyKate said...

A Jonathan Adler-buying boyf- HE is a keeper! :o)

petapledger said...

I love the 7 x 7 makes my eyes feel happy!

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