Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fashion favorite: lovely legs

the colored and patterned tights trend has been around for quite a while now (for a trend) and shows no signs of waning just yet. i'm not complaining! i've been a long time fan of colorful tights, even when it wasn't so easy to find a rainbow of colors. i think the popularity of bright tights is enduring because its a very easy and small way to be brave with color. and for the most part, not many people are up to wearing that many brights. its no crime, but come one: let loose every now and then! knee socks were also a big staple of my teenage wardobe, so today i've rounded up a few cute leg looks to keep you inspired while this fun look lasts!

warm and practical grey knee socks get a cute lift with the addition of teensy red pom-poms. aren't those red mary-jane's sweet, too?

could this be a full body argyle knit suit?! maybe save this one for when you're wandering the streets of scotland: wear it anywhere else and you may as well be in one of those weightloss sweat-suits! black, white and kelly green is always alright though.

i really love the girl on the right, with the yellow blouse, red skirt and plum tights that is some gorgeous color combination alchemy right there. analogous color palette outfits are one of my go-to's lately.

more argyle, this time its 'golf course to quadrangle' chic. it really takes som good legs to pull off argyle knee socks unless you want to look like "grandpa forgot his pants again".

another possible all-in-one knit suit here. but how can i stay mad when its yellow and blue in such a cute combination?! she looks like she'd brighten up any photocopier room!

analogous colors are go! now with added pattern and cute suede oxfords? sign me up! i would wear all of these things.

this is perhaps the most trendy outfit by today's standards, don't you think? the sweet flats, colored tights and shorts look like they were just thrown together by zooey deschanel herself. cute and kinda indie but most important of all, colorful!


strawberry lemonade girl said...

Hey! I posted today about colored tights too! (among other things....) Weee! This is a fun post, you know i love those pictures!

Pilgrim Lee said...

aahaha great minds, eh? i'm off to visit your blog... xx

Emily said...

Can we talk about how much I am loving all these leggings. I totally agree too about the last one being for today! Not to mention I love Zooey Deschanel and I think she would totally dig this!!

74 Lime Lane said...

i'm loving miss argyle in the black and white ~ isn't she gorgeous!

vmichelle said...

This is such a cute post. I love it. But your artwork at the beginning really set the tone.

Pilgrim Lee said...

vmichelle - thank you! :)

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