Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what's hot and what's not

yep! it's another meme today. go on, indulge me, readers. it's so late in the day and my brain is a bit broken today. i promise i'll show you lots of pretty pictures tomorrow ok? this one comes courtesy of the charming looby lu. so what is hot & not hot on planet pilgrim?

what's hot:

✽ getting organized and booking hotels and transfers for the draw! pilgrim tour of california 2010. actually booking stuff makes it so much more real and exciting! next step: planning fun stuff to see and do.

✽ spending a carefree day poking around in the chapel street bazaar and emerging with some vintage treasures. pictured above.

✽ planning costumes for a friend's halloween housewarming party. pics next week. yay!

✽ spring days full of sunshine and birdsong, and crisp cool evenings full of stars.

✽ amazing youtube find prisencolinensinainciusol its not english, its not italian, its gibberish in an accent! and its catchy!

✽ finding a post about my sweet neighbourhood by neryl walker on design*sponge.

✽ learning to love wearing all those silk scarves i have accumulated.

what's not:

✽ spending spring days full of sunshine and birdsong indoors, beavering away.

✽ my boyfriend always having work to do during business hours. sniffle. its so very unreasonable of him to not be able to meet me for an impromptu afternoon drink.

✽ feeling un-svelte and out of shape. i'm no health nut, but i need to stop eating so much rubbish. and drink more water! and get an early night!

✽ grocery shopping and cooking dinner: boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring (see also washing dishes)

✽ hearing my son cry out in the night due to a bad dream. he's forgotten by morning, but it always sounds so sad.

✽ cats who vomit = not. hot. just hairy and unwelcome.


Anonymous said...

I miss the chapel street bazaar; it's a quirky treasure trove.
Great link to Balaclava sounds like a great spot.

TopCat76 said...

cat vomit is pretty bad - but surely finding cat poo in the house is worse?!

jessica said...

agreed. it is not hot cleaning up cat vomit from the carpet. thankfully, my little sprinkles rarely presents me with this duty. but when she does, yuck!

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Those top two finds are AMAZING!!!!!!! I love 'em!!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

chele - a trove it is indeed! last time i went to the bazaar i emerged with an impromptu dining table hehe

topcat - ooh pooh WOULD be bad. thankfully that hasn't been an issue.

jessica - i'm realy rather lucky in that my boyfriend is on vomit duty. i can't face anythings sick without contributing some myself. nice.

alex - yes i was pleased to find the top things, my kitchen was seeming comparitively plain unti now!

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