Tuesday, October 6, 2009

as seen on etsy: birds, butterflies & a walrus

etsy cuties

1 crewel birds 2 walrus bank 3 vintage party decorations

4 bird trivet 5 owl memo 6 fall harvest trivet

7 oven mitt and potholder 8 vintage nursery rhyme framed fabric 9 butterfly wall hanging

- i am away from home again this week, so posting will be lighter than usual. please enjoy some pretty pictures until regular posting resumes -


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh LOVELY! Lovely finds, Ms Pilgrim! Merci! (hope things are okay :()

Jenn Ski said...


Dee Beale said...

Really lovely.

therese- said...

Thanks to you, the owl memo now lives in my kitchen in Norway. I kind of think it likes it there!

Pilgrim Lee said...

pip - all things are ok. thanks for asking :)

therese - thats SO cool! i'm glad he found a happy new home!

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