Sunday, October 4, 2009

welcome to visitors from decor8!

wow! what a thrill to be featured on decor8! a big hello to any of you visiting for the first time thanks to holly's feature on me and my home. here are some posts i think you might enjoy:

why don't you head over to the vine's site for a visit to my studio and some very nice words about me!

some favorite things from around my home in 'things i already covet'

see how i learned to stop worrying and love yellow and also patchwork!

there is plenty of vintage graphis magazine goodness.

i've made a cute moss terrarium and some curtains for my kitchen bench and my mellow yellow bedroom!

✽ i share a lot of cute books

... and we looked at some posters i made...

✽ and dig some retro knit fashions.

i hope you enjoy looking around draw! pilgrim. i'm passionate about everything i post about here so if you have any questions leave me a comment, or even just say hello and i'll be happy to have a chat!


Ryan Schulz said...

Love your blog! And love that Decor8 helped me find my way here! :)

Alexis said...

Hello! I just found you through Decor8 and I can't wait to spend lots of time exploring your gorgeous site!

LizE said...

Stumbled upon your site and I'm pretty much in love. And that Butterfly Ball book? Total inspiration. That art is unreal!

Lucinda said...

Hi Pilgrim
I found you via decor8 and I'm excited to find a Melbourne blog full of bright colour.

AnnaA said...

A "Hello!" from Sweden.
Lovely blog you have!
And I am sorry about your father. My Mom died a month ago. It is a weird feeling to lose a parent.

Pilgrim Lee said...

thanks for your comments everyone! three cheers for decor8 :D

sly_fox said...

Extreme Visual Deliciousness !
I love your exquisite color groupings. Your eye for graphics and scale, playing patterns against patterns, is perfection.
a joy to behold !

erika said...

Wow, love your blog and your style, I will put you in my favourites and will return soon when I have some more time and a cup of tea......

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