Friday, October 9, 2009

fashion favorite: floral inspiration

its been a while since i've done a fashion based post, but i'm just feeling it today, you know? its spring here (though you'd never know: its been freezing) and the horse racing season is coming up so flowers and fashion are all emerging from their grey wintery hibernations. just for fun i've put together some polyvore sets inspired by flowers. i hope they either remind you of the southern hemisphere's imminent good weather, or offer some hope for a spring at the other end of a northern hemisphere winter!

daisy, daisy

daisies are one of my favorite flowers, in concept: i love the fresh, sweet look of them, but they make my nose itch unfortunately. so i enjoy them from afar. sigh. a daisy makes me think of a tanned, ingenue - or someone like jackie o perhaps. kind and genuine but just a little bit unattainable. she would enjoy sunny picnic days, smocked cotton dresses, broderie anglaise, scalloped edges, suntans. you just know she would own more than one cute lilly pulitzer dress. she is positive and friendly without being insufferable. she's a miracle! her soundtrack: 'i found love' by the free design:

Hydrangea Blue

hydrangeas are a bit magic to me. it fascinates me that by adding different chemicals to their soil you can change their color. magical blue flowers! they remind me of watercolors, or when crepe paper gets wet and the ink runs out, i like the washed out petals. a hydrangea girl would definitely be into ink. she'd have some well concealed tattoos and grow her own food and flowers. she'd ride a bike with a wicker basket on the front and be a bit into country style with a twist of scandinavian, whitewashed walls with lots of blue and white china on display. her house is cold, but that doesn't mean its not inviting. her outfit up there looks dressy, but don't be fooled, she always carries a back up pair of blue suede boots. soundtrack: "jennifer she said" lloyd cole & the commotions

vibrant roses

generally roses are your typical old fashioned flower, but when i saw these i thought of a crash between classic elegance and bright, fun, youthfulness. the girl for these roses lives in the city. fighting against the grind of 9-5 work she needs those sneakers to run about town for lunch-hour breaks for freedom: lunch dates, gallery openings, sneaking out to the fair. the kate spade bag is secretly full of candy to fuel this bright and frenetic lifestyle. soundtrack: "same old drag" by apples in stereo:

i hope you enjoy my characters and a bit of a friday musical distraction. can you compare yourself to any kind of flowers? i'm not really sure what i'd be. maybe someone can suggest one for me... maybe nothing with 'stink' or 'weed' in the name though, ok?!


Jasie VanGesen said...

That double breasted yellow number in the top middle... is that a jacket or a criminally short dress?! Either way... my gosh, it's cute and I love it.

Pilgrim Lee said...

Jasie: LOL i think its a jacket.. but if i see anyone wearing it as a dress i shall alert the authorities!

neopostretro said...

I want that pink houndstooth bag like nobody's business!

Pilgrim Lee said...

lindsey - i will personally see to it that kate spade sends one just for you*

*i don't have that kind of authority. but if i ever do the bag is yours ;)

Sara said...

i think you would approve of the outfit i wore today. i got dressed in apple green, thinking Spring and Pilgrim Lee, inspired by your polyvore sets of course! thanks for a colourful day xx

strawberry lemonade girl said...

To me you are a big bouquet of hot pink and red Gerbera Daisys (so graphic and bold) and orange and yellow chrysanthemums. Colorful, fun, free-spritied and not stuffy or precious!

The only downside to these flowers is that they don't smell—so we'll pretend they smell like a luscious bouquet of something!


Pilgrim Lee said...

alex - aww thats luvverly! maybe we can spray me with some febreze or something for some fragrance hehe

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