Tuesday, October 13, 2009

twitter: tweet me, peeps!

tweet tweet tweet... are you on twitter? i know, i know, it seems like its all anyone talks about lately but its fun and minimal effort. i love sharing tweets with someone interesting and getting new followers is exciting, so i thought i'd take a moment to share some thoughts on how i use twitter, so if you follow me or want to follow me you know what to expect from me:

i work from home, so twitter is a nice way of feeling like i'm not the last person alive in a post-zombie-attack world. i tweet for fun, occasionally i tweet about this site, but i'm not really on there to pimp myself.

i value quality over quantity: he who dies with the most followers does not win in my opinion. the people i follow amuse me, or share awesome stuff, or are friendly and talk back. you're welcome to follow me but unless i know who you are i might not follow you back right away. but don't be sad: if you @ me a few times and we exchange some pleasantries, i'll follow you!

i think trends like follow friday are nice and i'm always really touched when i get a mention, but i don't do it myself so please don't be sad if i don't follow friday right back at ya!

and hey, i've made a little twitter button you can use on your blog if you'd like:

or maybe you're after a new wallpaper for your twitter page (or desktop, even)?

i hope you like them. so now you know how i approach twitter, tell me your twitter stories! are you on there to watch the celebrity dramas unfold? are you making you presence known in the marketing circles? or is it just for larks?


Kylie said...

Hi Pilgrim, sorry I'm not much into twittering,bit time poor! But I just had to say I LOVE colour and by the look of your blog you do too, wish I could just live in a rainbow!

art4friends said...

thank you for finding my blog!! your blog is gorgeous! love the colours!!

and your comment made me laugh. and gosh! about that trivet. so funny.

I just spied your etsy favourites.

Renee xx

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi there Pilgrim,

Many thanks for giving us your beautiful Blog - I really love the pinks and greens and other wonderful colours you seem to also enjoy! I've found you on Twitter and am now following you on there too!

Have a groovy day today!

Take care,
Jane :-)

Pilgrim Lee said...

kylie - ooh time poor, i hear that! and twitter certainly doesn't help, but it saves my sanity a bit so i consider it a valuable time-suck haha

renee - ah you're welcome, i've been quietly reading away for some time now! your blog is really interesting :)

jane - yay! thanks for the follow

Twitter Buttons said...

If you have twitter account and would like to add more followers, you should embed the follow me button to your blog.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Some days I tweet more than others....I like to twitter about funny silly things that amuse me, but don't warrent a whole blog post. Also, I tend to use it to update about my life (potentially boring, but when I see an older man in trendy age-inappropriate denim jeans, belted with a tucked in shirt and cell phone holster at his side...I'm compelled to share this with the world!! haha.

I looooooooove these graphics. Love love love.
I'm using the twitter button asap!!

apparentlyjessy said...

I love your Twitter's they are always amusing and make me smile! :)
Your Twitter graphics are very cool.

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