Tuesday, October 20, 2009

black and white week: foto reporter sehen die welt

in his younger days my dad worked as a photographer, first for the air force and later for a hospital. while there is some grizzly evidence of the latter role, today i'm sharing with you some photos not taken by him, but from a book he owned - 'foto reporter sehen die welt.'

i don't know where this book came from: i'm guessing it was probably a gift from my mother, seeing as she was always a good gifter, and she seemed to be the one who came by all the great old art books i now own. the images are all from around 1968 and earlier.

the photos are captioned with translations from the book but i couldn't find any mention of who took the photos. i ssearched, but mein deutsch ist nicht so gut.

posters in munich

beatles fan, london

a boy (whose mother had used thalidomide while pregnant) with a "heidelberger arm"

a bunny at the playboy club in london

wedding, 1968

fashion at the racecourse

model twiggy and her manager justin de villeneuve

model twiggy and "television hero" john steed

french education minister forbids pupils from wearing miniskirts, 1967


strawberry lemonade girl said...

OOoh i love all of these...I'm particularly entranced by 60s Playboy Club culture!

Pilgrim Lee said...

alex - me too, i love how it used to be SO highbrow! good luck finding an article on jazz or some literature in the playboy now days!

i think my favorite pic here is... the beatles badges or maybe the girls and their secret mini skirts!

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