Monday, November 16, 2009

what i wore: diner date

so i finally worked up the courage to jump on the 'what i wore' bandwagon, yay! deep breath. just don't tease me about my wonky tooth or my freckles, ok? anyway, the reason i finally got the courage to do one of these posts is because the other week i got all cuted up to go out on a weekday date with my boy. aww! we flinted about town and giggled and had a lovely sunny day together before settling down for an afternoon refreshment at melbourne's kitschiest establishment: the soda rock diner. i'm guessing this is australia's revenge for those outback steakhouses in america. check out the fine fare we dined on:

mmm-mmmm! can't you just hear the star spangled banner playing in the distance? just an aside, does the smell of 'root beer' remind anyone else of those lick-n-stick sticker books from childhood? mmm delicious adhesive.

i wore:
green cardigan - thrifted
blue tee shirt (under cardigan) - american apparel
polka dot scarf - thrifted
toadstool fabric covered button brooch - etsy seller fluffington
toadstool & toad skirt - vintage from frocks & slacks st kilda
red tights - the sock shop
red button shoes - rubi shoes
red apple hair bobbles - kinky gerlinki chapel street


Jasie VanGesen said...

I absolutely LOVE this. So brigth and cheery, and the side pony is way cute!

Also, those onion rings look divine!

Anonymous said...

Oooh you look gorgeous & cute! Keep up the 'what I wore' posts :)

Vic said...

Oh you looked SO CUTE Pilgrim!! What a lucky date you had... ;)

I am so very THERE at that FABULOUS diner next time we're in the city, thanks for sharing that, it looks super fun.

Sara said...

you just won the Cutest Blogger Ever award. my screen cracked due to a high pitched squeal of glee.
shame there wasn't a shot of you and peter sharing a giant sundae though.
looking forward to a whole week of pilgrim posts! please sir, i want some more!

apparentlyjessy said...

I think its so awesome you have dinner dates. I need to start having dinner dates...
LOVE the outfit, you look lovely!

Maureen said...

Lovely colour hair - I had mousy hair, so dull! It needed the bleach bottle to give it some life!

Now it is going grey it looks more 'interesting' than it ever did without a lot of professional help.

Glad you enjoyed your frolic, looking quite the biz.....

Jessica Anne said...

I adore those shoes! So cute!

Pilgrim Lee said...

aw thanks everyone for your lovely comments.. i'm so silly, i'm happy to wear whatever i want out, but putting a photo on the internet seemed like a big step. crazy. anyway, i'll try and make a regular thing of it.

thank you all xxx

strawberry lemonade girl said...

you look SOOOOOO cute Pilgrim girlie!!! You knew I'd love this outfit, didn't you???

And what wonky tooth? I can't see a thing. You HAVE seen my crooked toothies, no?


petapledger said...

Love, love, love - I love it all!!! x x

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