Thursday, November 12, 2009

vintage children's book: pirouettes

today's vintage children's book is another one of mine, reclaimed from a library and loved within an inch of its life. up until recently it was hanging together by threads: now its completely fallen apart (which i admit made it easier to scan.) i think i might have to put on my book doctor hat this afternoon and get to work with some tape to preserve it for just another 20+ years. if cats have nine lives, books must have about 15 in some homes. i have a lot of inherited cookbooks that are possibly up to their 18th life!

pirouettes is a book of nonsense poems, adapted from the original text by raymond lichette, illustrated by colette de gaillarbois. published by chambers in 1974. please click the images below to see a larger version - its really worth it!

the whale

john is a purple young whale
and a friend of the small golden fish

each evening he reads the a fairy tale
while they eat onions out of a dish

the brave owl

arthur owl is never afriad
he's the bravest bird
that ever was made
he wears plastic beads
with a watch on a chain
and his toes always tingle if there's going to be rain

the angry dragon

under the stove where it is hot
lives a stripey dragon.
his nose is in a funny knot
his whiskers are undone.

prickly peacock wings
seem to stick straight out,
when great aunt jasmine said hello
he answered me with a shout.

she said 'my goodness me!'
and 'dragons are such a bore!'
the dragon said nothing
but he gave an awful roar.


the penguins at the south pole
like to listen to rock and roll.

every night they meet their friends
and dance until the music ends.

sometimes they start to feel the heat
and then there comes a special treat.
cooler than jumping into a stream
a cone of pink
fish-flavoured ice-cream.

grunge the lion

grunge is the smallest lion
you've ever seen,
his hair is yellow
and his eyes are green.

with a pussycat smile
and curls in his hair,
he sometimes yawns fiercely
and gives you a scare.

the hedgehog

the gardener is angry
the gardener is cross,
for a hedgehog steals his flowers
and puts them in his sauce.

roses and violets
delphiniums as well,
when the hedgehog is cooking
there's a beautiful flowery smell.

the hedgehog is happy
eating lilac-pansy roast,
and every night for supper
there's rose petals on toast.


Miss Sofia said...

Wow, so cute. I loved the penguin page, hahaha.
I totally have to do some book-doctoring sometimes, to keep my books from falling apart. I do that with old loved magazines too.

Sara said...

super cute! i wanna give grunge a hug and frame that whale on my wall. who knew fish ate onions?!
where do you find these adorable books?

Pilgrim Lee said...

miss sofia - its so good to have something so loved that its falling apart, but also sad when it needs to be frankensteined back together haha

sara - the books i blog are all mine, from when i was a kid. my mum was good at finding interesting books :)

handmade romance said...

oh what a beautiful book! love those illustrations. thanks so much for sharing it like this x

Pilgrim Lee said...

HR - you're welcome, i love my books so sharing them is pretty exciting for me!

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