Wednesday, November 4, 2009

peter max: strobelightedflashingkaleidoscopiclightshows

peter max. even if you don't know the name you'll likely recognize his far out psychedelic posters. i have a book of his posters which is everything you are after in seizure inducing design. its really very, very, groovy. here is a portion of the foreword, i've tried copy it exactly, but there is a point where you lose count of how many !!!!!! are being used... (and yes, i realize that i am guilty of over exclamating, but people, please!!! this is one of the few posts not about me)

ZAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!! it's 1965! the year the earth turned... on. BANG! flower power. love, peace, strobelightedflashingkaleidoscopiclightshowsACIDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! music. great music. the beatles, stones, airplane, joplin, and ... this man is wild..... COUNTRY JOE McDonald and the FISH. Sgt. Pepper... GREAT THINGS FROM ROCK... ROCK IS RAISED TO A HIGH ART... ROCK... comes out of the cultural cave!!!!!! how to advertise this new rock... this new music. how do you advertise something new and different... the... POSTER! the fillmore and avalon use the poster... a new type of poster... a... psychedelic poster...... aposterwithwordsalljumbledtogetherlikethis. 1967. fantastic vibrations and cosmiclightandx-rays bombarding the earth. sound exploding on the west coast. and on the east coast, a young man in a room 15 by 15 in new york. SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR I TELL YOU, SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR, SHAAAAAAAAAAAAZAM! Zap! PETER MAX!

- don pierce, 1970

the book doesn't explain who don pierce is, and my googling turned up a variety of don pierces, so i'm going to assume it was written by the part cyborg X-men supervillan (though more likely he was a musician or something at least partially based in reality). but enough semantics. ladies and gentlemen, don your protective eyewear and enjoy the work of peter max.

where you can get your own peter max poster book!

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