Tuesday, November 3, 2009

as seen on etsy: rhymes with orange

brown floral scarf mushroom pedestal mugs tiger candle

owl glass floral photo album patchwork milkglass canister

toadstool towel 'dude' typeface mug crewel wall hanging

with halloween just passed i've got orange and browns on the brain. is it the mellow colors of autumn or have i just seen too much pumpkin and chocolate? either way etsy has a dearth of vintage treasures in those rusty tones.

autumn colors remind me of my mum. she had beautiful red hair and green eyes. do you remember when there was that trend of 'getting your colors done'? you would be assigned a season based on skin, hair and eye color. unsurprisingly mum was told she was an 'autumn' and her reference was a booklet of business card sized fabric swatches of colors that would suit her. i spent a lot of time playing with the swatches, in waiting rooms, restaurants, queues, and so i have a fond attraction to those colors...and also a fond attraction for pinking sheared scraps of fabric!

how cute is that patchwork canister. eek! patchwork: swoon!


Sarah said...

My mom is a "spring," and loves wearing light blues and pinks. She had my "colours" done when I was little and I was told I was a "winter" - I can't remember what that means, but if I wear light blue around my mom she HAS to mention how that's HER colour, not mine. Too funny.

EmilyKate said...

Teehee, yes! I do remember that 'Colour Me Beautiful' scheme. I think my Mum still has one of the books put away somewhere. I think SHE was an autumn; I am a winter.

I hear you on pinked fabric edges. I found two pairs of pinking shears at the Camberwell market and have to go get them sharpened.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

I love it all....my old roomie's room decor was like this entire spread....also in pinks and greens. She was/is amazing!

Pilgrim Lee said...

sarah - haha i love that your mum is territorial about color! i think i might be a spring.. but don't tell your mum!!

emilykate - mmmmmm pinking shears... *drool* good to know they can still be sharpened.

alex - oooh pinks and greens together are fabbo. i just did a poster in pinks and greens. nice!

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