Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hot & not: november 18th

wow, am i ever late getting this post up. where is the time going lately? its like time has given up on 2009 and is just racing ahead to 2010. any ideas on what we're supposed to call the 2010's yet? i'm going with the tenties.

i'm joining in the what's hot and what's not started over at loobylu. if you would like to do one too, just write up your own hot/not list and link back at using the widget.

the weather. yes, it's literally been hot. i've had hammock time, and summer evening drinks in the garden!

friends getting top secret awesome opportunities just for being so great and talented. you know who you are, and you know i will sleep on your couch and visit you in your foreign land. well done you!!

vintage red gingham stacking mugs! wheeee! imagine having your wholesome hot beverage out of those?

little sparrow. i can hardly believe such an awesome place exists so close to home! great stuff to buy, and lovely people, and an opportunity to share my stuff too. its super.

impromptu ice cream sundaes for good boys. take a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream, add a dash of jelly crystals and a spoonful of colorful cupcake sprinkles and you get one very happy chappy!

my amazing bag from peta pledger. its such a great bag! i can fit so many stuffs in it and the fabric is way, way cool. now everyone go and buy something from peta, cos she is HOT!

passports arriving in the mail. now my peeps are legit and i can take them on holidays!

getting lots of nice comments on my what i wore and christmas posts. thanks guys!


lactose intolerance = no ice cream sundaes for me

lustily tucking into my beef in oyster sauce and chomping down on the inside of my mouth.

not having any friends with a pool. come on peeps! get your acts together. you don't expect moi to take a dip in the public baths do you!?

✽ postage from canada. tooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow


Sara said...

oh noes!!! you're lactose intolerant? so is my brother. SUCKS!!! how can one live without chocolate and cheese? you're a miracle. My mum is gluten intolerant too. I am a little intolerant to gluten, mostly I just ignore it. which is bad and gross. Family of allergy sufferers. We call my brother a superhero of allergies - "Allergy Boy - nature is his kryptonite."

bag sounds lovely. show us a pic?! xx

Anonymous said...

Hammocks are so great, I Need one too!
How inconsiderate none of your friends have a pool!
Chele x

Miss Sofia said...

Oh, congratulations to your friends. ;]

Aaaaah, I totally need a friend who has a pool too. Hahahahaha. I'm really in the mood for a pool party.

Pilgrim Lee said...

sara - thats hilarious!! nature is my enemy, but not quite my kryptonite yet. i'm like you, i try and ignore the illness and just go ahead and eat the cheese and then curse my stupidity an hour later. there is a link to the bag in the post.. its just not showing as a dif color for some reason. i blame blogger voodoo.

happydacks - i know! some 'friends' they are! haha can you invent a pool hammock for me? maybe just fill a tarp with water and string it up for me to sit in!

miss sofia - oh i hadn't even THOUGHT of the greatness of a pool party! good point. i was just imagining me in the pool alone... sad, eh?

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