Friday, January 15, 2010

californian adventure: this little piggy went to market

my favorite LA stop was the farmers market on fairfax and third. i know a lot of people wouldn't be so excited at the prospect of going on holiday to see a market, but when food and history are in your top interests its hard to resist! it opened in 1934 and has long been a haunt of hollywoods brightest stars. i loved all the old signage, the amazing choice of foods, and just the general ambience. a picture paints a thousand words, so...

i really urge you to visit if you can, its the sweetest place. also there's a cajun food stand where you can get alligator meat. they should change the market's slogan to 'come for the ambience, stay for the alligator'. you're welcome, board of tourism.


Catherine Bourne said...

Sweet Lordy Retro-YUM!
Hope you and the boys are having super fun, miss y'all xo

EmilyKate said...

You take such lovely photos! Alligator meat, hmmm... I would try it!

When you are back from galavanting around Cali, I would like to humbly bestow upon you the Kreative Blogger award, if you would take it :o)

JW said...

Looks devine! I am very jealous! And you do take beautiful photos :)

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