Wednesday, January 13, 2010

kid couture: modern kiddo

have you seen modern kiddo, the new children's clothing blog from strawberry lemonade's alex tyler and her friend dottie? it is the place to find cute and quirky duds for the small person in your life. if you read strawberry lemonade you'll know what amazing taste alex has, so you won't be disappointed in the fab finds on modern kiddo.

it was quite the honor for me to design their banners, and what could be better than having the best dressed kid on the block without any of the legwork?!


Sara said...

my hormones went into overdrive just looking at the modern kiddo site. ARGH!!! I want one! And then one of everything!!

Great job on the banners, I think you're an ever so clever and cute to boot modern kiddo too.

Pilgrim Lee said...

easy tiger! haha just buy a bunch of kids clothes. much easier than the kid part ;) i promise i won't think you're creepy

strawberry lemonade girl said...

you are adorable. YAY!

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