Thursday, January 14, 2010

californian adventure: snippets of snaps

the last few days have been a bit slow, thanks to the kid being a bit under the weather. we scrapped our universal studios plans and instead took to the pool and a stop at the ihop. i had waffles topped with what i assume was meant to be whipped cream but it was sort of like vanilla flavored air. whaaaaat?

it felt good to relax and let me tell you, swimming in a pool overlooking LA while 'le soleil est pres du moi' by air plays is as close to heaven as you can get.

i'd show you my full body shot in the pool but i seriously look like a corpse in water. its draw! pilgrim, not drowned! pilgrim.

mmm hotel dry cleaning.. and isn't it cute?

we tried walking places, but i'm not one for the sensible footwear (blister city, population: me) so we quickly caved in and started getting cabs. i get a buzz every time i see this sign. argh! i'm in LA!

the florist around the corner from our hotel had these amazing potted, er, things.

i'm no horticulturalist but they looked like cabbages. pretty and possibly delicious sautéed with bacon (thats my pre-requisite for any floral arrangement)

do not stare directly into the whirly pop or you will be compelled to act like a chicken!

hold me closer, tiny condiments... the coke can is there to show scale. aww they're so teensy!

and look at american smarties, in australia smarties are kinda like flatter m&ms. so, y'know, there's that.

adieu lovely hotel... we shall miss you. next stop, disneyland! but come back on monday to hear about that, my next post is all about the fabulous farmers market! come back for an inundation of amazing vintage signage and kitsch treasures.

4 comments: said...

glad you decided to take a day off by the pool. sometimes you need a holiday from your holiday.

are you planning on going to disneyland? i know it's trite and super american, but it's also fun for those reasons as well.

i don't like the US version of smarties. i like the ones that are like m+ms. although, i can only get them at specialty shops that import candy from around the world.

glad you are having a good time in CA. are you going other places other than LA?

Pilgrim Lee said...

drew - we did disneyland today, and have another 2 days there! i really liked it, and i was a BIG cynic, but its just so well done and sweet.

aww specialty shops for smarties! no way! well when i get back i'll put together a special smarties care pack for you :)

we're also going to san diego and san francisco!

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Are you sure we're not related? You even make the same jokes I do, missy.
i'm SOOO looking forward to meeting up!!!!

btw, people LOVE our modern kiddo logo. When you are back and refreshed PLEASE send us a little button to place as a Draw Pilgrim promo. We also need to post a credit on the site for you! YAY for Pilgrim!!!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

alex - haha long lost twiiiins! our reunion might cause a singularity or some space/time continuum glitch..
i'll def. send you a button when we're back home! so glad the logo is loved :)

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