Thursday, September 24, 2009

pilgrim's palette: patchwork

patchwork header

second installment of pilgrim's palette and its not even a color! but why choose one color when you can have them all? so here is my salute to patchwork. patchwork appeals to me for so many reasons, yet it's one of the few crafts i dare not try. i know my lack of patience and less-than perfect sewing skills will compromise my end result so i don't even start. but the concept of patchwork is enough of an inspiration to me and so my fabric stash lives to spend another day alone in the cupboard, but my artwork is quickly becoming something a pioneer woman might be proud of. you'll have to wait and see what i mean, but for today, lets enjoy some traditional patchwork.

<span class=
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

as one of my beloved 'golden hands' books says, "patchwork is a truly sentimental craft which has always been connected with sharing and neighbourliness... the fabric of patchwork will often conjure up a score of memories - a scrap of the first dress you ever sewed, a piece of the blouse that never looked right with anything - reminders of friends and family." don't you love that image above this paragraph? the warm golden light in that picture makes me ache for childhood camping trips. obviously, i'm a big sucker for nostalgia, but i also love the haphazardness of patchwork. i strongly believe in the adage that "if a little is good, then a lot must be better" especially where pattern is involved. gingham and floral? yes please! stripes and spots? you better believe it!

patchwork bag
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

and have a look at the textures in this bag: cotton, corduroy and i think some velvet. even though i prefer my patchwork more colorful, i rather like the washed out charm of this bag. i think it could be holly hobbie's overnight bag, don't you think?

patchwork blanket
from the golden hands encyclopedia of crafts

i really like this blanket. the combination of the wholesome gingham and the far out florals and paisley really does it for me. having said that, my favorite patchwork is hexagonal. i can't explain it, i guess i'm drawn to the slightly more unusual shape. of course the fact that hexagonal patchwork is just that bit more complex than square patchwork is another reason why me + sewing a patchwork blanket will never = friends. but as long as the hexagonal shape tool in adobe illustrator exists, at least some of my patchwork lust will be sated!


EmilyKate said...

Lovely pics! Doesn't every photograph from the 70's seem like it was shot through a honey jar? I'm with you on the hexagons, they're my favorites too... kinda like honeycomb?

Pilgrim Lee said...

EmilyKate - "shot through a honey jar" i like it! very poetic. reminds me of a pulp lyric "lemonade light, filtering through the trees" le sigh :)

Punky's Mamma said...

What she said!!


I always think I don't like patchwork & then I see stuff like that & realise it's QUILTING I despise, and patchwork, especially spiffy old school pretty like that, is rather grand.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

I looooove that line: "lemonade light, filtering through the trees"

(and shot through honey too)

I'm not a patchwork fan usually but these are super far out!

yenhuei said...

Anyone would like to exchange some tatters with me?

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