Thursday, September 10, 2009

made by pilgrim: moss terrarium update


you might remember that a while back i showed you how i made a moss terrarium. i was pretty naughty and ignored all the good 'how to make a moss terrarium' advice i found online and just went ahead and cobbled together a pretty cute looking terrarium (if i do say so myself!) just for the fun of it.

Terrarium, Open

moss terrarium in july

well six weeks have passed and my terrarium lives on. i've tended to it almost lovingly, spraying it with water when i remember (about once a week) and making sure it stays in a light position (by forgetting it exists). every few days i leave the lid off for a while so it can get some fresh air, but mostly it just sits there, all fogged up. so how is it looking, you ask?

moss terrarium update

moss terrarium in september

as you can see (as much as you can see, thankyouverymuch iphone camera.. proper camera coming soon!) there is a tall stalk of something growing and the moss has assimilated nicely into its new home. the deer and the toadstools however, remain the same - turns out it isn't a magic terrarium.


Pip Lincolne said...


Pilgrim Lee said...

thanks, pip! :D

EmilyKate said...

I totally want one of these now. I love that it's appleshaped :o)

Pilgrim Lee said...

emilykate: yay for apples, and to think it originally had pot purri in it.. BLURG!

The Fern and Mossery said...


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