Thursday, December 3, 2009

what i wore: riot christmas party

last friday i accompanied my boy to the riot record's christmas party. some of you may already know my boyfriend is a music journalist who runs a brain meltingly awesome guitar site. so this is how my twee little self ended up at a metal record label's party! it wasn't as brutal as i was warned it might be, so i survived and no bat's head's were harmed in the making of this post.

here is what i wore:

psychedelic top: vintage
short cardigan: miss shop, myer
black pencil skirt: american apparel
purple tights: the sock shop
white boots: vintage
purple bag (pictured below): mywalit

isn't this bag nifty? its just plain purple on the outside but inside oooh! colors! and its really soft leather, and just the right size to hold the bare essentials.


Andrea said...

I freakin LOVE those boots!!!

Sara said...

You are the belle of the ball! super cute outfit. loving your go go girl white boots too.

plus, did you know I *collect* redheads?! my favourite haircolour! It looks terrible on my olive skin but when I was a kid, 13 was my favourite number, because that was how old I had to be before I could perm my hair and dye it red. I never got around to that perm...

apparentlyjessy said...

Very groovy outfit! I would love to attend an event like that!
The bag looks like pure nifty-ness, I love it and the colours!

petapledger said...

You looked GORGEOUS!!! Poor Pete's heart would have exploded from a Love Attack!

Thank you for sharing your grooviness with us! x x

Pilgrim Lee said...

andrea - i freakin love them too haha! :D

sara - i am honored to be part of your collection. i was always desperate for a perm too.. not so much now haha maybe we can make a perm/suicide pact (as in, if the perm doesn't work out - we'll top ourselves)

jessy - the bag's leather is sooo soft too, and you know you can buy them in all colors on the mywalit site. yay for the internet!

peta - thanks! i think petie thinks i scrub up pretty good! :D

strawberry lemonade girl said...

OH and PS....i love that wallet!!!

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Sassy pants!!
You better not bring that top to california because I will sooooo be stealing it from you.
I love it. You look adorable.

Also, you are so freakin' funny. Your smiling with the moustache had me laughing out loud!!

happy friday cute girl.

Pilgrim Lee said...

alex - the top will have a secret service detail throughout our travels... but i'll let you visit it hehe

Anonymous said...

hi there I have popped over from the meetmeatmikes forum, you look FABULOUS love those boots!!

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