Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pilgrim's place: 'my place & yours: quirky features'

here is my contribution for 'my place & yours'! this weeks theme is basically what quirky things does your house have. our house has a few funny little things, but i thought i'd take the opportunity to show you some of the neat features my house also has. technically it's not my house, because we're just renting it, but honestly i love it as though it were my own. as soon as we visited this house's open inspection i was in love and ready to fight tooth and nail to make it ours (if only per 12 months)!

it was built along with a lot of other properties in this area, in the late 50's, early 60's. it's a really nice floor plan, giving lots of space in the living areas, and really comfortable sized bedrooms. it has big windows that let in plenty of light and a garden just big enough to run around in. from what i understand, our owner grew up here, and her mother lived here before us. that being the case, hardly anything has changed and the features are original. the stove and the kitchen laminate are newer, and there appears to have been a partition of some kind in the lounge that was removed (i try not to think about having missed out on seeing an amazing room divider, no.. it must have just been a plain old boring wall haha.)

one of the first quirky things we saw was the bathroom. we have a nice sized bathroom, with a bath, and a basin and then next door to that there is a smaller bathroom with a shower and another basin. its certainly a peculiar use of space, what's wrong with a shower over a bath?! why all the basins? why not just have a bigger bathroom with one less basin and shower cubicle!? its a mystery for sure. here's is a diagram, just to make sure you really get the confusingness of it all...

our bedroom door appears to have originally been hung the 'wrong' way. it's since been fixed, but the light switches are now behind the door. lucky i ain't afraid of no ghosts! (on that note, i'd like to point out, having grown up in a house with kind of haunty bad ju-ju, this house welcomed me. it has such a nice vibe, i've never felt creeped out here. thank you, house).

speaking of switches, we have our fair share of switches that aren't connected to anything. i like to imagine they control something in a neighbor's house: i switch off the one in our kitchen and the people at no. 8 are plunged into darkness while i laugh maniacally, safely ensconsed in my kitchen/mastermind lair.

my favorite quirk is what is now my son's room. obviously its always been the child's bedroom, there are the faint dimples of pin marks on the re-painted walls, where once was probably a shrine to teen idols. inside the left hand wardrobe door is pinned a relic: a clipped advertisement for peter paul and mary's fourth australian tour, 1968. i find it so touching, that its still there, 41 years later.

as mentioned, there are lots of original features, let's take a look shall we? first off, our house is jewish, so in the majority of doorways there are mezuzah:

thankfully the house hasn't minded having christmas trees in it, and nothing has fallen on me when i'm cooking bacon, so it's either lapsed, or just a really forgiving house!

we have some really neat light fittings:

and our carpet has a pretty neat pattern:

i must admit the toilet wallpaper is what convinced me this house was my dream home:

hey look! our kitchen sink is a radient gem! ... whatever that means!

... and our bathroom mirror is "a spamco product"! tee hee.. spam!

but my favorite quirky features of this house are my boyfriend and our son... its just a shame they're camera shy!


The Back Shed said...

Your house is like stepping back in time!!! Love it

EmilyKate said...

Thanks for sharing these! You have inspired me to take some pictures of the features at our rented house- we have a Sunbury '73 music festival sticker on our kitchen cupboard, with a big yellow happy-face. I should capture that.
We've got the 'switches to nothing' going on as well :o)

Mandy said...

Your light fittings are really pretty! Nice!!!

Pilgrim Lee said...

the back shed - haha it is a bit of a time warp. thankfully the bits that need to be up to date are! i love retro stuff, but don't take away my net connection!

emilykate - aw thats cool! i love houses' artifacts. in one of the childhood homes i lived in we took the lino up in my bedroom to find newspaper all about the queen's coronation.

mandy - the groovy space age ones in the lounge and hall are my fave, the bedroom one thats copper makes me want to make a trifle in it haha

marian said...

gotta say the wallpaper is impressive and who could resist those lightfittings..pretty darn cute :)

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